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Ilmu: Sedekah & Riba'

I just want to share (and in a way remind me of what have I learnt, heard, know) the summary content of Kelas Tafsiran conducted by Dato' Dr Fatma El-Zahra every Wednesday lunch hour at Tower 1, KLCC for Petronas. Surah Al-Baqarah; ayat 272 ~ 280 Sedekah ( or infaq in Arabic) is very good a) sedekah in its way could cleanse up the sins that we have committed b) if we want our doa 'dimakbulkan' give out sedekah a lot c) if we feel our lives have a lot of misfortune, give out sedekah, so maybe we could be lucky d) sedekah is not limited to fakir or orphans only, we should give sedekah to those people who are in need (example: he might be look ok at the appearance but has no money to eat) e) do not sedekah things that we ourselves do not want, give those that we want (i.e money) riba' is very bad a) people who loves riba' will wake up during Qiamat having epilepsy b) there are 70 types of riba&#

Is it because of the training pants or it is already THE TIME ??!!

Yesterday was a milestone for Aiman, he managed to not wear diapers for the whole day. :) That is when he is 3 and 1/2 years old already. For some it is quite late, but for me it is the matter whether the child is ready or not. This is a common problem for modern mums such as my friend have also discovered. The problem for finding the exact time our kids are ready to be potty trained. As for Aiman it was quite a long journey (and it is not ended yet). After various ways of persuading, coaxing, threatening and bribing failed to make Aiman NOT to wear diapers, hubby and I decided to buy training pants for him (as advertised in ). So yesterday morning, we make him wear it. He peed in it, as I had expected. But amazingly after that whenever he feel to pee, he just remove his pants, go to toilet, pee and wash himself. Without no help or directive. But once in a while the activities were added with playin

Too much time on computer already??!!!

One day... while waiting for a tv program to start ( I can not remember which tv programme), a commercial was aired during which I wondering aloud, "Ishk, bila lah xxx(the programme's name) nak start ni...." Then Aiman said,"Tunggulah jap ibu. Dia tgh nak loading tu!" I was stunned. He is only 3 and half years old. :)

My angels

My two angels trying to spread their wings... AMIR ZAFARUL AIMAN - prince of lucky strive ERINA ZAFREEN - beautiful victorious lady