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6 years ago on 12/12 i was officially changed title to Puan. :) why 12/12? because single (1) becomes couple/ husband & wife (2) hehehe.... no lah... actually it was Sultan Selangor's birthday on the 13/12/03 ( so cuti leh lah buat kenduri hahaha) anyway senang nak ingat... throughout the past 6 years, both of us have gone through a lot of life experiences. i gave birth to two kids (2005 & 2006), we bought a house (which is our home now)... that are some of the happy things... there were unhappy moments also but have gone through all of it, we should only remember the lessons of it. sayang, a lot of thanks for all the moments that we have gone through as husband & wife your patience, understanding handling all my not-so-good habits & side ;) your perseverance in dealing with my not-easy-to-please mother hihihi (you did impressed her a few times unexpectedly:) ) lastly, your continuous love to me and our kids always make my day brighter and oh last of the last, thous

a looooooonnnnngggg quiet time

due to .... busy .... busy work... .... busy family - my sis-in-law getting married in 2 more weeks - my brother getting married in november .... busy work... .... busy work... .... busy work... .... busy work... .... busy work... .... busy work... .... busy work... .... busy work...

New Bed...continues... (behind the scene)

(quite lazy to translate) Me: Aiman, kenapa dah tak bangun gi tidur kat bilik ibu? Aiman: Yelah, Aiman kena jaga adik tidur. Me: Jaga adik? Aiman: Yelah, nanti kalau hantu datang sapa nak jaga adik. Me: ???

New bed.... continues...part 2

-- a little update --- At last, last night Aiman did not move from his room. Hopefully this will maintain for ever... hehehe....

New Bed...continues...

The new bed arrived last Thursday. Aiman and Erina were very excited. Both of them keep climbing the stairs even nafter several stern warnings from hubby and me. That night, as usual, Aiman fall asleep in front of tv. So hubby lifted him to the new bed. Erina fall asleep on her new bed because she still excited with the new dinosaur sheet. Oh by the way, we managed to get three bed sheets of Studio One at 70% discount. Very worth purchase. hehehe at times like this, the economy is not quite bullish, purchase at a very good discounted prices is very welcomed. Then later at night, I think around 3 to 4 am, I felt something at my leg, I opened up my eyes and there I saw Aiman sleeping under my leg. So I moved him to lie beside me but then when I woke up at 6 am, he already moved to his usual place, on the mattress on the floor. Last night, it happened again. He moved back to my room in the middle of the night to his usual place of the mattress on the floor. I guess we have to keep trying

New Bed

When I got married, my husband and I lived at my parents house for almost 3 years. When we got Aiman, we share the bed with him. Aiman slept in the middle. Then when Erina arrived, Aiman slept on the mattress on the floor and Erina slept in between hubby and myself. I always pity Aiman for have to slept on the floor, he did not mind but as a mother, I only want the best for him. When we moved to our house, the arrangement stays as that.   Last night, hubby make a surprise by buying Aiman a bed.  A double decker bed with extra mattress. At first Aiman was excited choosing the bed, but when the decision time, he seem a bit down. At home, I tried to coax him to be happy with the new bed. But he still look sad. After a few questions, he explained his misery that he will sleep alone and hubby and me will still sleep with Erina. At 4 years old he is able to feel being alone or left out. He make me feel sad and 'terharu' because he has grown up emotionally.  

Upin & Ipin

The first movie that I brought my kids to cinema.   A very good movie, good animation, cheerful characters and enjoyable story line. I feel like to see it the second time but...mmmm this year have to be a litlle bit more prudent because economy is not that promising. hehehe We went to see the movie because we love Upin & Ipin (my kids + me) and we have to support Malaysia's product. hehehe a very good reason indeed.   So Aiman enjoyed the whole time of the movie while Erina lost some focus during the middle and start to shifting places between me, hubby and my dad. hehehe...   So guys, go see Upin & Ipin and enjoy yourselves.

How Healthy You Are??!!! part 2

Oh man... last week I was down again, unfortunately my sore throat was on Friday, so no chance to get MC hehehe... I could not talk as usual, I talked very softly since it hurts my throat, I could not gulp anything because it hurts thus that was a very bland and hungry friday.   I went straight to see the doctor after office hours but have to wait for almost 1 hour to see him. he suspected infection but since it was started the week before ( the bump at neck) he gave me until monday, if still persists he wants me to see ENT specialist. he gave extra strong antibiotic and other medicines and voila by sunday I can talk and scream as usual hehehe...   so have to take a little bit extra care of  myself or is it because this new office ?? hmmmmm

How Healthy You Are??!!!

Last month I was down with viral fever for 3 days. Luckily by the fourth day, I was getting better, if not, the doctor wanted me to take blood test.   But this month I had body ache + headache for almost 3 days also. It started with some pain at the neck and it went through all my body. I was laying down all the time. The medicine was only help partially so I persuade my husband to treat me a massage at a spa hehehe... and the massage was the reliever. I feel rejuvenated and active again. I thought of getting another massage next month so my body will maintain feel energised.   I always take care of what I eat but I seldom exercise. However I walk almost 1 km every working day, I walk from LRT station to my office and vice versa. So I consider that as my daily exercise but maybe that still does not enough. Yes, I know I am getting older by day but to maintain energetic and healthy nowadays is really a challenge.   So my resolution for the year 2009 is to keep healthy and energe

Busy as Bee

Since moving to MP, I have been very busy. Thus the lack of updates in this blog hehehe This week is full with trainings. I managed to go for three modules of ITSM training. Overview, Incident Management and Problem Management. The training were very informative and helpful in making my job's procedure easier and more interesting. Then yesterday I got invited for T-SQL training for 3 days starting today until Friday. Luckily all the trainings were done in this building, so I still can do support at the same time. So yes I enjoying getting new knowledge will share with you later on the details. :)

December + January Celebrations

30th Nov - my beloved hubby's birthday... 05th Dec - my beloved mother's birthday... 10th Dec - my FIL's birthday..... 12th ~ 14th Dec - our wedding anniversary.... we love to celebrate it longer... hehehe... 25th Dec - christmas... no, i do not celebrate but it is public holiday hehehe 29th Dec - awal muharam....maal hijrah 31st Dec - our 'couple' anniversary.... for the 8th years :) 01st Jan - New Year.... another public holiday 06th Jan - Aiman's 4th birthday 25th Jan - my father's birthday no wonder i 'pokai' these two months ;)