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Games that we make up in the car

My husband and my own family home are located within Klang Valley vicinity. So any 'balik kampung' trip from our home is taking only 1 hour maximum (due to traffic jam). Thus any trip longer than 1 hour is quite alien to both my kids. They will bombard us with the magic question "Are we there yet?" for every 15 minutes.  Therefore to avoid the repetition of the magic question, my husband will always engage the kids to look up for the state border signage. So once we passed the border, my husband will make the announcement. "Okay, we have now reached Negeri Sembilan ". Then my eldest child, a boy, will rattle off all the info about that state's football team. He will list out the players’ name (if he knows) and how the state team have performed so far in the league. This is a passion that he bonded with my husband, even though my husband is more to English Premier League. As for my daughter, she will be 7-years old this year, I am curious on how she

i have been conned....

oh my...... Oh nooooo... I have been conned  before this I only heard about people being scammed through phone calls, before this I always cut short any suspicious phone calls but today, I answered and entertained the lady that call through that "Private Number" she claimed that she is asking for verification from Maybank so I thought the call is legit but the bell no 1 is ringing, she did not give out her name or I thought I did not hear it then she asked several questions regarding my credit card, I answered dutifully then she asked the three numbers at the back claiming that the number is the list of club or something I become doubtful but I gave it to her she heard it wrongly and said, "this belongs to mohd rashdan " the bell  no 2 is ringing, but when she repeat the number, I corrected her then she explains to me about medical card to be use in clinics given to me as I am qualified as I am Bumiputera the bell no 3 is ringing, what the heck is M

Honey and Cinnamon

Found this on facebook... well there a lot of info floating around facebook, it is up to us to determine is it true or not. Since cinnamon and honey is natural things, i do not think there would be a problem to try these....Anyway, I think (if I am not mistaken) honey is mentioned in Quran as the ultimate healer so it is up to us how to use it.... i am interested to try for lowering cholesterol and weight loss hehehe.... anyone else to try something from the below? just let me know the outcome after that. Cinnamon and Honey ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Drug companies won't like this one getting around. Facts on Honey and Cinnamon: ~Frisky It is found that a mix of honey and Cinnamon cures  most diseases. Honey is produced in most of the countries of the world. Scientists of today also note honey as very effective medicine for all kinds of diseases. Honey can be used without side effects which is al

Sayang by Shae

Sayang – SHAE Sayang apa khabar dengan mu Di sini ku merindukan kamu Ku harap cinta mu takkan berubah Kerna di sini ku tetap untukmu Sayang apa khabar dengan mu Cobalah kamu telepon diriku Ku rindu dengar suara indahmu Kerna dirimulah semangat hidupku Sayang dengarlah permintaan ku Jangan ragu kan cintaku Sayang percayalah apa kataku Kerna ku sayang kamu Sayang dengarlah permintaanku Jaga hatimu untukku Sayang dengarlah bisikan hatiku Kerna ku sayang kamu [Ulang dari awal] Sayang dengarlah permintaan ku Jangan ragu kan cintaku Sayang percayalah apa kataku Kerna ku sayang kamu Sayang dengarlah permintaanku Jaga hatimu untukku Sayang dengarlah bisikan hatiku Kerna ku sayang kamu Jangan ragukan cintaku Percaya sayangku Jaga hatimu untukku Ku menyayangimu Semangat hidupku Ku tetap untukmu Cintaku selalu milikmu lirik dia yang paling best "Jaga hatimu untukku" so sweet bila ada orang tu dedicate lagu ni utk kita hihi


yeah bermula lah daily battle pagi2 nak menyiapkan 2 orang anak gi sekolah, balik keje lak battle nak menyiapkan dinner sblm anak2 tertidur sebab keletihan.... kadang2 terjadi gak, dinner siap je orang yang nak dibagi makan dah terbongkang tidur... ahhaha... tahun lepas sorang je, tahun ni 2 orang dgn erina yg mmg liat bangun pagi... mmg leh praktis kehandalan skill ibu nya nih mengejutkan budak aaa.... Nasihat Aiman utk Erina yg baru nak masuk sekolah Pagi2 bangun baru perasan Aiman tulis ni sempena Erina nak masuk sekolah.... tak leh tahan betul baca yg no 5 tu.... hahaha.... bila tanya dia... me: ni cikgu aiman ke yg bagitau? aiman: eh ibu ni... ni aiman lah yang fikir sendiri... ibu ingat aiman tak leh nak fikir sendiri ke?? dusshh terkena den... hahaha bertuahnya anak  kesimpulannya... semoga 2013 menjadi tahun yang lebih baik :)