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Yesterday Miss E is 9!!!

My eldest princess was 9 yesterday :) A happy girl who bring 90 party packs to school. Jenuh ibu nya ni pack tgh2 malam sorang2... hahaha as long as she is happy :) 2 out of 90 party packs Not a small kid anymore, becoming more tween ( considered too old to be a child and too young to be a teenager) nowadays.Yesterday her topic of discussion is eye-bag :P and I just keep thinking "A 9-year old is discussing eye-bag... be still my heart, do not laugh do not laugh do not laugh.... hahaha". She was complaining that her class got a lot of homework so they could not sleep early, hence the eye-bag. And the girls in her class are comparing their eye-bag. Oh my... my one-liner solution "This was to teach all of you how to manage your time". Hahaha very skema.... So Miss E, Happy Birthday to you... May you become a much more lovelier girl in future. Just remember, the beauty of the person is in his/her attitude not only physical. Take care your connection with

Redah and redha

Sedar tak sedar not only the world (the earth) keeps changing, our own worlds (the working / friends / family/ love/ kids/ diri sendiri) also keeps changing. Sometimes the change is too small to notice, other times it is too big that affect the other worlds also. Sometimes we do love those changes. Other times we just hate it, but it is all Allah's plan for us as He is the Almighty who knows best. That's when one of my colleagues ( whom I look up as some sort of mentor... not yet my idol ; P) said " Redah and redha " it struck a chord in my heart. How in this life we must always ' redah and redha ' for whatever obstacles or achievement that we get. This is just a reminder for my ownself. Always and always ' redah and redha '

Miss Z is 4 !!!!

My little girl is 4 today!!! Miss Z is 4 !! 4 years ago, right after while azan Subuh, she was born while her father was away in Kuching for work (of course lah kan). So hubby dashed back (seriously it was a dash) to meet his little princess :) "I can see you daddy" Miss Z This little princess...... Then she was chubby smiley baby ....... Now.... she is a cheeky girl who slurped her soup direct from the bowl in a restaurant Tsk tsk tsk..... Soooooo unladylike  Happy Birthday my Miss Z :)


Last 2 weekends got the invitation of premier screening of "Miles from Tomorrowland" produced by Disney channel. Punyalah excited terus right away RSVP ( nampak tak excitednya... dah terus , right away lagi :P ) sbb dulu2 terlepas premier screening "Sofia the First"... sungguh kechiwa So pepagi sabtu tu.. bergeraklah kami sefamily lah berkunjung ke Petrosains. Ni lah first time jejak kaki dalam Petrosains walau pun dah 8 tahun kerja area KLCC hahahaha... So datang2 register whatnot  terus chop tempat kat bean bag yg supercomfy... lambat sket mmg dah takde lah beanbag available. Sementara tunggu nak start tu, disajikan dgn iklan2 "Miles from Tomorrowland" macam yg dah kuar kat Disney Channel nowadays and a little tidbits, which I could not eat as much as I want sbb sebok buat kerja ( sbb tgh standby sbb tgh month end sbb closing sbb users aku rajin muahaha ). But the kids 2,3 trip amik nuggets amik air kotak amik muffin ( Miss Z lah ni pastu tak makan muf

KL City Grand Prix 2015

Setengah hari tunggu diorg nak start practice.... konon2 peneman buat kerja.... tak juga start2 ... kerja banyak dah complete ni... uhuk... uhukk... Then..... At last...... Pastu hujan :P #klcitygp