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Happy 34th Birthday, darling :)

Today you reach another milestone... your 34th birthday :) Virtual cake for your eyes ;) You still have a long way to achieve whatever you set your mind on, to live life at its fullest as the saying " The only time you really live fully is from thirty to sixty. The young are slaves to dreams; the old servants of regrets. Only the middle-aged have all their five senses in the keeping of their wits. - Hervey Allen" Anyway.... " Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. - Mark Twain" oh by the way i love the card that honda gave you I only have a small present for you, but the thought is much greater (and much more important , right ???!!! ;) ) Hopefully you like our presents (from me and the kids) Our kids (Aiman, Erina & Zahira) and me always love you :) So... selamat hari sukahati :)

ParenThots - Features - Preparing kids to navigate pitfalls of life

Tadi baca article ni kat TheStars  ParenThots - Features - Preparing kids to navigate pitfalls of life  rasa sungguh berbaloi untuk dishare bersama2... better kalau I paste kat sini kan... kan... kan.... Jap ek..... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Preparing kids to navigate pitfalls of life 28 November 2012 Members of the Bites Of Delight children’s music theatre performing at the Children4Change launch ceremony in Kuala Lumpur earlier this month in conjunction with Universal Children’s Day. - Bernama photo A SINGULAR LIFE By ASHA GILL On Nov 20, I had some very special guests in the studio. It was Universal Children’s Day and I had Michelle Wong, director of Childline, and also two sisters, Arya and Alya, in the studio to talk about a forum that took place a couple of days before. The forum was called Children4Change. It was specifically for children, by children, reporting on topics t


muahahaha belum sampai tahap ni lagi baru ari senin.... tapi workload nya stress cam apa je.... dah penat tarik nafas...hembus...tarikkkkkk....hemmmbbbuuussssss....tarikkkk hemmbusss... stilll ada lagi... adalah kurang sket tp still ada.... tak suka betul... mmg lah keje sentiasa banyak.... iyolah kan... keje jd kuli.... kalau jd boss sendiri lain mcm lak stress keje mkn gaji... okey lah lagi  kot.... hidup kalau takde stress namanya dah mati.... muahahaha... lawak bangang.... adanya stress lah boleh kita berusaha dgn lebih baik tu pasal org kata stress management bukannya stress elimination....ada banyak cara utk manage stress.... ada cara yg bagus ada cara yg kurang bagus... salah satu yg kurang bagus... makan ... muahahaha kurang bagus tapi best :) makan aiskrim ke yummmyyy cream & fudge makan donut ke oooohh i heart these waaahhhh semua yg menggemukkan.... tu pasal kurang bagus... hehehe cara bagus utk manage stress - eliminate the source

Samsung-Chelsea Youth Football Camp 2012 ... part 2

ni adalah sambungan dari  Samsung-Chelsea Youth Football Camp 2012 ... part 1 siapakah chef celebrity itu??? . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..  ..... ... ... Chef Anis Nabilah - image googled During the certification giving ceremont tu, Chef Anis dah start prepare and practice, rupa2nya kena praktis gak dulu with the organizer (Samsung) and Erina have been a constant audience, start dari nampak Chef Anis kat situ, Erina dah follow je... mentang2 lah Chef Anis tu comel lote... Walaupun saya tak bermain bola seperti Aiman, tapi.... menunggu tu penat gak... so when the cooking demo tu start memang tak dan dah nak take notes of the recipe... dengan zahira dah ngamuk nya....  anyway, saya telah menghantar wakil i.e: Erina yg duduk ngadap Chef Anis bebtul dpan meja Chef Anis tgh menguli biskut dgn Erina and Aiman menengok punya dekat dan khusyuk Chef Anis telah menyediakan hidangan ayam bakar dgn sayuran steam, dan hidangan

Samsung-Chelsea Youth Football Camp 2012 ... part 1

Last week, I got invitation by Samsung to participate in Samsung-Chelsea Youth Football Camp 2012, thus I have enrolled my son, Aiman. Actually Aiman is not really a Chelsea fan, he is more to Arsenal (well.... bapa borek anak rintik ;)  ) but I thought this a too good opportunity to just let go. So on Sunday 11/11/12 (such a nice date) , we went to NPNG Sports Centre at Damansara Damai. Situ rupanya Chelsea nya spot kat Malaysia. Anyway, we reached there at 8.30 in the morning as per the invitation but the actual registration only started at 9. Pffftt... nearly dampen the excitement . After getting a pair of Chelsea jersey plus Samsung's socks, Aiman is ready to be in action. The official group photo with 4 Chelsea youth coach Then the kids were divided into 3 groups according to their age range. Aiman is in the first group with sumijelly 's son and the first session is with coach Steven Leonard Shipp (if I am not mistaken) . He taught the kids a few tr