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kids do say the darnest thing

cara pemikiran budak2 adalah suci murni... dan selalunya adalah sangat lurus... so sometimes in a way it becomes funny to us, the adults. thus, the below is the collection  from my kids ******************************************************** Situasi aiman &; erina bergaduh dlm kereta Aiman: erina ni buat abg naik angin lah Me: aiman ni tau ke makna naik angin? Aiman: kesabaran hilang, kemarahan muncul *************************************************************** During dinner  Aiman: ibu, aiman xleh nak buka mulut besar.... Ada benda ( sambil tunjuk dlm pipi)  Me: oh... Ulser... Nanti minum air kosong bnyk2 Aiman: tapi aiman takleh nak mengaum.... Me: mengaum???? Nganga lah...  Hahaha *************************************************************** one day, i was going to be back from office late than usual, so i called the kids and said that probably i would be back by 9pm or 10pm. However there were some disruptions and the work only finished by 11pm, so wh

Healthy work habits

Taken from here  but it makes me wondering.... why they always said the best breakfast is yogurt or cereal or muesli... why it must be only those western breakfast is good? why not malaysian food? nasi lemak should be okay if we only take it once in a while, right? whats wrong if we have dim sum, chee chor fun, tosai or kuih apam for breakfast? those imported cereal or muesli are very expensive and it is really not good for local economy/// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Saturday August 24, 2013 Healthy work habits By SU-ANN CHIEN The stereotypical work day starts from 9am and ends at 5pm officially, but in reality, most employees enter the office while the sky is still dark and leave only after it gets dark again. An ILO expert on working hours was quoted in BBC’s 2012 article “Who wor

Money money money is certainly not a monkey business

The summary of what I read here with the full article below. 1- 55% - Essential Account (whatever that we NEED to pay) 2- 15% - Emergency Account (but I have read somewhere the best benchmark is 6 months of cost of living but probably 3 months is much more easier to be prepared) 3- 10% - Golden Goose Account (passive income) 4- 10% - Education Account ( I always miss this out) 5- 10% - Fun Account ( we must live happily) So do you manage your money this way for now? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Are you feeling trapped in your finances and want to break free? Here are some tips FINANCIAL SNACKS BY LIM LEE CHIN WHO IS VICE PRESIDENT OF SUCCESS CONCEPTS LIFE PLANNERS “My dear mum taught me about prudent money management.”       Email Facebook 0 Are you feeling trapped in your finances and want to break free from t

dum dam dum this year no bunga api dum dam dum

this year raya was celebrated moderately... as both of us (hubby and I) was swarmed with work during Ramadan and before Ramadan and after Ramadan...hahahha it means all the time... luckily I have bought 'kain' baju kurung wayyyy before Ramadan so less hassle during Ramadan shopping spree. I purposely do the same set of baju kurung for both daughters and myself... bila lagi nak jd kumpulan nasyid kan... as usual, I requested my MIL to sew our baju kurungs and as usual because we are family, our order will always be the last one to be completed... heheh however this year Erina have developed an effective strategy by sitting beside her grandmother and kept asking "Nenek dah jahit baju raya Erina ke?" hahaha then Nenek become soft hearted and directly sew her baju kurung... and then Zahira just standing beside nenek and buat muka comel so Nenek pun buat baju dia jugak hahahhaha... kesian my MIL ;p Our orange purple 'nasyid uniform' this year we spent the fi

Raya is commminnngggg.....!!!

Ramadhan is already near the end... oh how I will miss it... hopefully we can meet again with the next Ramadhan...  Anyway, the upcoming Raya also means a long holiday for some, so please take the necessary precaution measures to have your home and belongings safe as per article below... And do not forget to recite Ayatul Qursi while locking your doors as we tawakkal to Allah to safeguard the house. That is what I have practiced all this while. You can check about the benefits here. Okey here is the article on how to safeguard your house which I take from The Star --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Burglar-proof your home this holidays Posted on  August 3, 2013   -   Featured ,  Property News . BY EDWARD R. HENRY |  EDWARD@THESTAR.COM.MY MOST people, whether Muslim or not, would probably have plans lined up for the long Hari Raya Aidilfitri holidays. However, their dreams of an enjoyable