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Oh no.........

Ohhhh noooo.... Miss E is in the transitional phase of becoming a TWEEN (pre-teenager/ pre-adolescence). Ohhh noooo...... I am so not ready for this..... Ya Allah, please grant me and hubby much patience and wisdom to handle Miss E properly. Ya Allah the Mighty, may you keep her safe all the time from all the harms in this world and hereafter.... M ay she go through this phase smoothly and become a wiser, better person in future...  Yeah, I am worry more about my daughters than my son...  :D Thus, I am compiling tips on how to handle tween here for my easier reference:      credit to AhaParenting 1) Be willing to change. 2) Focus on the relationship, not on discipline. 3) It’s appropriate for your tween to want more independence. 4) Schedule quality time. 5) Cultivate empathy for your daughter. 6) Be aware that tween girls usually harbor great anxiety about adolescence. 7) Be sure your daughter is getting nine hours of sleep each night, as an absolute mini