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Surviving public toilet

Miss Z have been officially diaperless early this year. Sebab dia dah start sekolah tadika :P Tidur malam pun dah tak pakai dah walau pun ada lah accident beberapa kali... kira ok lah kan tu.... yesss.... tak yah beli2 diapers lagi.... sekarang ni makin mahal harganya dan makin kurang lak kekerapan sales utk diapers compared to last years... Anyway, nowadays the challenge is to get her to use public toilet. She is not keen to use 'toilet cangkung', she preferred the seated one, as she feels she could fall into the toilet bowl in the 'toilet cangkung'. ahhahaha.... However not all the seated public toilet is clean enough. Usually I have to wipe it with toilet tissue ( if available ) or facial tissue ( if I have it in my handbag at that time ). Yes, it will be clean enough but surely not hygienic. So it become a nightmare to ensure the kids do not contract anything extra from the public toilet. But..... this can be resolved by the existence of this..................