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6 years ago on 12/12 i was officially changed title to Puan. :) why 12/12? because single (1) becomes couple/ husband & wife (2) hehehe.... no lah... actually it was Sultan Selangor's birthday on the 13/12/03 ( so cuti leh lah buat kenduri hahaha) anyway senang nak ingat... throughout the past 6 years, both of us have gone through a lot of life experiences. i gave birth to two kids (2005 & 2006), we bought a house (which is our home now)... that are some of the happy things... there were unhappy moments also but have gone through all of it, we should only remember the lessons of it. sayang, a lot of thanks for all the moments that we have gone through as husband & wife your patience, understanding handling all my not-so-good habits & side ;) your perseverance in dealing with my not-easy-to-please mother hihihi (you did impressed her a few times unexpectedly:) ) lastly, your continuous love to me and our kids always make my day brighter and oh last of the last, thous