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Raya oh Raya

Preparation for Raya 2008: My son, Aiman Baju Melayu - DONE - colour pink (he chose it by himself coz he saw the mannequin wears it). Samping - need to recheck last year's if not have to buy new one tomorrow :( . Shirt - DONE - same with his cousin, Irfan, sure they look cute wearing the same shirt hehehe. My daughter, Erina Baju Kurung - DONE - colour pink (sedondon with her abang since abang the one who chose it). Gown - DONE - another pink colour. Jeans + t-shirt- DONE - it is great shopping at Isetan presale heheheh >:) . Hair accessories - where i am going to buy it?! hmmmm My hubby Nothing yet... tomorrow have to settle everything...anyway it is fun to have last minute shopping for raya...hehehe... every year we do this... Myself Shoes - DONE - luckily Vincci has sale at this time. hehehe... Baju Kurung - erk... tomorrow have to shop.... Tudung - erk.. tomorrow also... have to survey for tudung 'air mata nora danish' hehehe does it really exist? hehehe Our Home Cur


Wow!! It almost a month I did not blog... hehe... a lot of things had happen but I was extremely busy with work for the past few weeks. Occay, to preserve the memories..... Anecdote 1: Erina turned 2 on 25th August - she shared the birthday with Mawi!!! hehehe - she become more talkative but actually she just follow whatever her brother said by saying only the last syllable... example: Aiman"Acu ni sibuklah" Erina"Cu buk" hehehe - hubby and I bought her a doll, she loves it but Aiman play with it more than her... complete with the storyline and the characters... example: Aiman(to Erina)"Mama, baby nangis ni" Erina ---blur---- hehehe Anecdote 2: Shopping raya - have started by buying 1 dress for Erina, 1 shirt for Aiman and another same shirt for Irfan (my SIL's son who is only 8 months older than Aiman)... - curtain... hahaha... at last, a new curtain for my home... we bought the ready made... very easy and it makes me very happy... no need to sew the