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Earth Day 2016

Wowwww its Earth Day today..... and I think for the first time Google Doodles have a series of different doodles for the day..... More info at   Google Doodle #EarthDay2016

Ya Allah.... please grant us more patience.....

When all the 3 kids have started the schooling, it will be a chaotic morning every school day... Need to wake up Mr. A.... quite easy unless he slept late the night before Ms. E .... this is real challenge unless she feels she already get enough sleep Ms. Z .... the easiest to wake up But.......................... these few days, Ms. Z throws tantrum when waking up, even during bathing..... knowing her who loves to bathe, it really showing she is not in the mood.... so praying hard that Allah is granting us more patience to handle her during the tantrum, we coaxed Ms. Z by offering her to wear her fancy gown to school... her kindergarten is kinda free uniform, you can wear the uniform if you want and it is still okay if you want to wear non-uniform... so here she is in her fancy blink blink gown and here she in her school uniform "saya dah mandi lah" and this is from 5 years ago when both Mr. A and Ms. E went to kindergarten together :)