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The Fall :(

Erina fell down from sofa during sleeping and she cried loudly for hours after that... :( She did not want me to touch or cuddle her... I felt very very very sad with the rejection and I cried too until I slept and cried out my heart again when hubby woke me up... actually it was quite funny coz my cry can continue just like that... hehe The next day, I took my day off since I was quite worried with Erina's aftermath of the fall. Then in the evening, I took Aiman and Erina to playground. After spending almost 1 hour at the playground, she fell down from the playground's platform. It is almost 1m high!!! My heart had missed a beat and after a quick thorough check (no broken bones, no bruises) she cried for only 10 minutes with less intensity than the night before... so no worries

Last week was a very super busy week

work wise that is :( 2 days in a row i only got back to home after 10++pm. thats all due to the almost failure of the system that i took care of. root cause probably stem from the design flaw and amplified by the loop holes in business flow. it was a very tiring 5 days tried to make sure the business operation went off as usual eventhough finished at very late hours. with the help and working as a team, the problem had been conquered and settled, at last. as for my family, erina missed cuddling with very much so in the morning she cried when sent me off at lrt station. my hubby had a too simple dinner for the whole week. on the positive side, i know my hubby can handle of taking care the kids minus preparing the dinner. another point, my supply of lauk (fish and chicken) can last for another week, very saving. hehe

be healthy ... part 2

my condition is getting better.... when I met with the Doc, she seems quite puzzled with my condition. It did not reach to the condition where it is clearly problematic but it is still out of ordinary. The best advice that she could gave was "Monitor your condition closely". but alhamdulillah, eventhough the condition is still weird, but my condition is getting better...

Be healthy

Being older means extra care and more sensitive to how healthy is myself. I do not like meet with doctor. But I have to for today. Hopefully I am healthy as I can be. Wish all the luck with me.

I am in love :)

Of coz in love with my husband. :) I was sick yesterday evening, headache etc. Maybe becoz I skipped breakfast that morning or drenched in the rain the day before. So after reach at home, I just lay down trying to get some sleep without doing any of the house chores. The love of my life just take control of the situation by sidai baju , cooking dinner for me. A murtabak maggi. Luckily it taste good hehe. I feel so pampered by him in his own way of coz. :)

What for dinner??

By the time 5 o'clock every evening of working day, I am going to think what to cook for dinner. Hubby likes eating very simple food. Fried fish ok. Nasi goreng kg ok. But... must have something spicy. Aiman eats according to his mood and prefer chicken and quite despise veggies. Erina eats everything thats not spicy. If it really delicious, she will licks every finger :D a very satisfying view if the food is home cooked. Myself eats everything but for spicy only sambal belacan. But sambal belacan is quite a must for every nasi meal. So with various needs and time constraint, what am I going to cook for dinner???? :)


:) I am a very good partner in going to buffet hehe...perasan sendiri... :P but I really I love to eat a variety of food and have seasonal favourite food, according to my moods, :). As usual during Aidilfitri, I will eat a lot of ketupat and rendang but this year I miss my Mak Ngah's ketupat and rendang ayam kampung, mana tak miss I came to her house only on the evening of 2nd raya, sudah habis lor... However, the food perk of this raya is CHOCOLATE CAKE at Mak Yam's house, her sibling got it from a hotel, a very big cake (hotel style) and the chocolate was very delicious, I was savouring every bite of the cake. hmmmm I should be looking for that hotel hehe... the chocolate icing is not too sweet and the cake also not too sweet but eaten together it feels like euphoria... hehe betul ke description ni... Just memorizing the chocolate cake make me craving for more aaaa.... ishk no more idea... will be continued when the inspiration came ;)

:( back to work :(

After 6 days of holiday, it is very difficult to get back in working mode. First and foremost, I miss the time I spent with my kids, eventhough almost 50% of the time spent I yelled at them hehehe... of course I have to yell since Aiman will disturb Erina and vice versa. And as a reminder to myself Erina is more aggressive than her brother, maybe because her name means "victorious beautiful lady" so since she always want to win she have to be more aggressive. Aiyark... next time I have to give my next daughter name that is more polite ( sopan ). Our raya celebration went quite well, my family had covered most of the houses that wajib to be visited. First day Raya at Keramat, then at around 12 noon we went to the neighbour's house, have to go to the nearest first. After that went to Selayang to visit my husband's grandma. Then we konvoi with several aunties to Jln Duta, to visit grandma's older sister. But husband forgot to take picture with Cat Farish who wear t