:( back to work :(

After 6 days of holiday, it is very difficult to get back in working mode. First and foremost, I miss the time I spent with my kids, eventhough almost 50% of the time spent I yelled at them hehehe... of course I have to yell since Aiman will disturb Erina and vice versa. And as a reminder to myself Erina is more aggressive than her brother, maybe because her name means "victorious beautiful lady" so since she always want to win she have to be more aggressive. Aiyark... next time I have to give my next daughter name that is more polite (sopan).

Our raya celebration went quite well, my family had covered most of the houses that wajib to be visited. First day Raya at Keramat, then at around 12 noon we went to the neighbour's house, have to go to the nearest first. After that went to Selayang to visit my husband's grandma. Then we konvoi with several aunties to Jln Duta, to visit grandma's older sister. But husband forgot to take picture with Cat Farish who wear the same colour with our little family, PINK. hehehe. And Aiman fall at the stairs. Luckily it is wooden stairs and only a little bruise on his cheek bone... aiyark my boy is very fond with stairs. Then around 6 o'clock we went off to Bukit Badong, Ijok, my FIL's village. Around 8 o'clock we continue the Raya visit with Wak Mat's house and his wife's siblings is holding a lamb-bbq-eating feast which hubby and I enjoy very much. hehe.. Lucky we are quite close with them (Wak Mat's ipar duai's family @ hubby's officemate) so we dengan tak malu nye melantak makan kambing.... but it is so yummy... and thats my dinner for first day raya hehe... then we went to next house (really next house) and the next house but my MIL already very sleepy so we get back to the main house to sleep.

Second raya after waiting for my SIL's family to join the family trip, we continue the visit to my FIL's siblings houses around Bkt Badong. The second house we visited was very inspirational, the design very cosy and Malayish, wooden floor, Malay window, perabot jati (cantik tp murah) and IKEA accessories... i like. hehe.. After 4 houses at Bkt Badong, hubby and I get off from the group to visit my kampung at Banting. After getting my vegetables sources from my aunt, we went to visit hubby's aunt. Her late husband is my FIL's older brother cum my Wak Lurah (ketua kampung). See.... the world is small afterall... :D then we just go straight back to Klang, my parents house.

Third raya, hubby and I went back to Keramat again, since my MIL decide to hold open house on this day because all of her children are at Keramat. (On Sunday, the sixth will go back to Batu Pahat, the fifth will go back to Sabah, the third will continue working) so I arrive around 11 o'clock, tolong masak skit2 and prepare the utensils plus working from home (remotely...since I was on call). After finishing all the Soto (mi and nasi impit) and the Bihun Singapore, hubby and I went to visit my other kampung at Dengkil. Reach there around 8.45pm, and go back to Klang by 9.45pm hehehe and I managed to taste rendang rusa there. hehe yes, raya is to savour unusual dishes.

Fourth raya, we went to Jerantut to send my cousin for his wedding. A quite long journey to Felda Tekam Dua (4 hours from Klang to Bandar Pusat Jengka + half an hour to the pengantin's house), a convoy of seven cars, a homestay at Bandar Pusat Jengka. The nikah ceremony was after Maghrib, my cousin pass at the 3rd try much to our amusement and source of lawak jenaka later hehehe... a very different way of tepung tawar (compare to OUR family).

Fifth raya, we went for his bersanding ceremony. I joined the makan beradap and was amused with the amount of dishes that they can make out of beef (more than 5!!!). Rombongan lelaki was in hurry to left the pengantin lelaki and go back home thus all of us have disappeared by 2pm. And due to the fact all of other people are getting back to KL on Sunday, our 4 and half hours journey have extended to almost 7 hours. Giler jam!! and I wondered how all those people can endure the very depressing jam every year in and out. Thats why i married a KL person. hahahah Then around 11pm hubby and I (of coz with our kids in tow) get back to our nest at KJ (coz hubby need to go to work on Monday... hahhaha)

Sixth raya, feel very exhausted, Erina slept for almost 11 hours, Aiman for almost 9 hours and me felt very lazy to do housework (laundry, lipat baju etc) we went to Giant to stock up our groceries but nothing that I like so have to go to night market at SS3 today, after that, I force my hubby to pasang our langsir raya... hehee baru lah ada mood raya...

Seventh raya, WORKING. :)


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