Last week was a very super busy week

work wise that is :(

2 days in a row i only got back to home after 10++pm. thats all due to the almost failure of the system that i took care of. root cause probably stem from the design flaw and amplified by the loop holes in business flow. it was a very tiring 5 days tried to make sure the business operation went off as usual eventhough finished at very late hours. with the help and working as a team, the problem had been conquered and settled, at last. as for my family, erina missed cuddling with very much so in the morning she cried when sent me off at lrt station. my hubby had a too simple dinner for the whole week.

on the positive side, i know my hubby can handle of taking care the kids minus preparing the dinner. another point, my supply of lauk (fish and chicken) can last for another week, very saving. hehe


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