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It have been reversed

I am enjoying and 'enjoying' the school holiday so much that my blog is left to its own hahahha.... Anyway, just to share some anecdote about my eldest, Mr A. I have already converted him as a Star Wars fan hehehe... because I already take my father's vcd collection of Star Wars Trilogy :P and it have become our staple movies to be seen during holidays. Even Miss Z could identify all the Star Wars character, but she just know all of it as Star Wars  :D Star Wars: The Force Awakens So Mr. A is really looking forward for the latest installment of Star Wars:The Force Awakens. Thus he requested at Hubby to see that movie in cinema. Hubby refused his request on the reason that Mr A does not always comply to Hubby's request so Hubby feels not obligated to fulfill Mr A request. And somewhere in Hubby's line of speech, he mentioned that he will not give Mr A what he requested, instead Hubby will give whatever Mr A do not request. See... Hubby is trying to do rever

cuti sekolah pun bermula......

macam tak cukup je 5 minggu cuti sekolah sbb dah plan macam2.... memang lah mak bapaknya ni tak cuti mcm cuti sekolah.... tapi we need to plan their activities so that takde masa yg terbuang sia-sia.... antara aktiviti yang berfaedah yg mungkin korang pun boleh join ada sale lagi :D

baru ku tahu....

baru dapat newsletter Mesra Petronas... ada satu tips yg baru ku tahu... tips no 3 sbb dah penah experience sblm ni static tu... tapi sbb mmg bukan i yg nak isi petrol tu so still selamat lah... :P Good to know! 1.   Did you know that you can directly redeem your Mesra points at the terminal       via your PETRONAS Mesra card? And did you know only PETRONAS have this       one-of-a-kind facility? Now that's awesome customer experience! 2.   It is good to write your name at the back of your PETRONAS Mesra card in       order to identify which card belongs to you. We don't want all that       hard-earned points gone missing right! 3.   At the pump, always touch the metal part of your vehicle before refueling.       This will help to discharge static accumulated around your body. We don't       want anything bad happen to you! kalau tak rambut i jadi mcm ni lah gamaknya


That's how Miss Z pronouncing 'bulatan' (circle). It is her newest obsession Lukis apa2 pun she said it is bulatan She even attempted to give us a teka-teki "ada bulatan pecah pecah... bukan meja bukan kerusi ... dia kipas... so apa dia?" hahahah okeylah kan 4 years-old nya teka-teki dah bagi jawapan terus :)

Public Holiday in Midweek

Yesterday was Awal Muharram or Maal Hijrah... basically it is New Year in Islamic calendar So how do we spent it? We put up a schedule for Mr A and Miss E to do their revision. They will be having year-end exam next week. Then during the break, as usual Miss E and Miss Z were busy playing "mak2"(role-playing). Miss E becomes 'mama' and Miss Z playing as her daughter. Suddenly one of their conversation caught up my attention Miss Z: (scenario: she just arrived home)Mama.... tadi kan ada budak lelaki hensem Miss E is speechless and trying very hard to contain her laugh So I called Miss Z Me: Adik.... apa adik cakap tadi? Miss Z: Tadi ada budak lelaki hensem Me: okey..... so lepas tu? Miss Z: Dia pun love By now I already LOL with Miss E Oh man.... how come my 4 years-old girl already know the connection between budak lelaki hensem and love *palmface*

missing this

the clear bright blue sky Oh how I really missed those bright blue sky with those fluffy white cloud. When we will try to guess what shape the cloud is. is it an elephan or dog or cat or love you or whatever isn't it great to be able to lay down on a green green grass guessing the clouds while getting the sun ray 

My trick for Miss E

My Miss E is not a big fan of veggies. As much as possible, she will try ways to not eat the veggies. So what I did was....  incorporate all the possible veggies in jemput2/cekodok/fritters :D She will eat all of it without any complaints Here I put carrots, tomatoes, french beans, celery. Not in the picture is the 'daun sup' hahaha meriah sungguh cekodok ini :)

September = PLAY-DOH month : Shape a Colourful Community

The smallest princess also known as the queen of PLAY-DOH in the house, since she is not going to share her PLAY-DOH thingy with others and her capability to mix the dough in the most quickest time, my Miss Z has been slept early last night. So it became the precious time for the big bro, Mr A, and the big sis, Miss E, to officiate the Party pack of PLAY-DOH that I have received a few days back. Work(Masterpiece)-In-Progress The pack come as part of the first-ever PLAY-DOH month in Malaysia. The challenge given was to " Shape a Colourful Community " by creating PLAY-DOH sculpture to reflect the meaning of Malaysia and/or its colorful community to us. I let both of them to plan, to divide the task and do it together. In a way, I am forcing them to cooperate, do proper planning and visualize their end result while planning. Hahaha tetiba rasa anak2 dah besar sangat when they can do all that smoothly without any arguments or extra 'drama'. The masterpiece

Yesterday Miss E is 9!!!

My eldest princess was 9 yesterday :) A happy girl who bring 90 party packs to school. Jenuh ibu nya ni pack tgh2 malam sorang2... hahaha as long as she is happy :) 2 out of 90 party packs Not a small kid anymore, becoming more tween ( considered too old to be a child and too young to be a teenager) nowadays.Yesterday her topic of discussion is eye-bag :P and I just keep thinking "A 9-year old is discussing eye-bag... be still my heart, do not laugh do not laugh do not laugh.... hahaha". She was complaining that her class got a lot of homework so they could not sleep early, hence the eye-bag. And the girls in her class are comparing their eye-bag. Oh my... my one-liner solution "This was to teach all of you how to manage your time". Hahaha very skema.... So Miss E, Happy Birthday to you... May you become a much more lovelier girl in future. Just remember, the beauty of the person is in his/her attitude not only physical. Take care your connection with

Redah and redha

Sedar tak sedar not only the world (the earth) keeps changing, our own worlds (the working / friends / family/ love/ kids/ diri sendiri) also keeps changing. Sometimes the change is too small to notice, other times it is too big that affect the other worlds also. Sometimes we do love those changes. Other times we just hate it, but it is all Allah's plan for us as He is the Almighty who knows best. That's when one of my colleagues ( whom I look up as some sort of mentor... not yet my idol ; P) said " Redah and redha " it struck a chord in my heart. How in this life we must always ' redah and redha ' for whatever obstacles or achievement that we get. This is just a reminder for my ownself. Always and always ' redah and redha '

Miss Z is 4 !!!!

My little girl is 4 today!!! Miss Z is 4 !! 4 years ago, right after while azan Subuh, she was born while her father was away in Kuching for work (of course lah kan). So hubby dashed back (seriously it was a dash) to meet his little princess :) "I can see you daddy" Miss Z This little princess...... Then she was chubby smiley baby ....... Now.... she is a cheeky girl who slurped her soup direct from the bowl in a restaurant Tsk tsk tsk..... Soooooo unladylike  Happy Birthday my Miss Z :)


Last 2 weekends got the invitation of premier screening of "Miles from Tomorrowland" produced by Disney channel. Punyalah excited terus right away RSVP ( nampak tak excitednya... dah terus , right away lagi :P ) sbb dulu2 terlepas premier screening "Sofia the First"... sungguh kechiwa So pepagi sabtu tu.. bergeraklah kami sefamily lah berkunjung ke Petrosains. Ni lah first time jejak kaki dalam Petrosains walau pun dah 8 tahun kerja area KLCC hahahaha... So datang2 register whatnot  terus chop tempat kat bean bag yg supercomfy... lambat sket mmg dah takde lah beanbag available. Sementara tunggu nak start tu, disajikan dgn iklan2 "Miles from Tomorrowland" macam yg dah kuar kat Disney Channel nowadays and a little tidbits, which I could not eat as much as I want sbb sebok buat kerja ( sbb tgh standby sbb tgh month end sbb closing sbb users aku rajin muahaha ). But the kids 2,3 trip amik nuggets amik air kotak amik muffin ( Miss Z lah ni pastu tak makan muf

KL City Grand Prix 2015

Setengah hari tunggu diorg nak start practice.... konon2 peneman buat kerja.... tak juga start2 ... kerja banyak dah complete ni... uhuk... uhukk... Then..... At last...... Pastu hujan :P #klcitygp 

Snippets of Ramadan 2015

p/s: this post was written 3 days before raya... :D Ramadan dah nak habis baru terhegeh2 nak simpan memori2 ramadan.... Tahun ni both my Mister A and Miss E berpuasa penuh with much much less drama...alhamdulillah no more drama at 6pm " buka...nak buka..." hehehe Mister A pun dah tak demand roti john setiap hari as menu wajib berbuka puasa... The first week puasa tu dapatlah buat 2 kali homemade roti john... boleh lah... tapi guna banyak telur lah kan... Tahun ni weekdays mmg tak masak utk berbuka... masak hanya utk sahur... mmg param di hati utk berbuka lah... but hubby mmg beli cukup2 je... biasa nya nasi kerabu/ambeng/mee sebungkus then kuih muih tops 2 jenis so memang ngam2 je... kuranglah pembaziran... Tahun ni... rasa macam tak cukup weekends... ahhaha weekdays pun  macam tak cukup masa... 1st weekend kat my mom because its my birthday .. :) weehooo ... dpt hadiah bertema "al kautsar" ko mampu hadiah pun ada tema... hahaha...actually sec

Maafkan ibu, sayang

This Ramadhan, we (my hubby and myself) try to bring the kids for tarawikh every night. Regardless it is at our own house or at our parents' house. One of the weekends, we spent it at my PIL's house. So we went to its surau for tarawikh with my MIL and SIL (the girls group). As usual, I will choose the last row for convenience, so Miss Z would not disturb other people and she still can come to us if she want. She is going to be 4-years-old, so solat for her is 1 rakaat only :P So our arrangement was my MIL, Miss E, me and my SIL. The solat Isyak have started and a few people were late continue the line at my MIL's side. Then right after Isyak, the 'makcik' beside my SIL told us "eh adik ni solat kat belakang lah , putus saf dah ni"  pointing to Miss E. All of us tergamam sekejap. Even my MIL was speechless. I menahan diri dari nak jawab balik kat makcik tu sbb mengenangkan she might be one my MIL friends. I was thinking to just going asking that makc

Only the best for Miss Z

Being a parent, especially mother, we only want to give the best to our kids. Hopefully by giving the best, we can nurture our children's potential to the fullest. The first thing that we have to give best is quality sustenance or better known as food :p Kids rapid development need a lot of nutrition at all time. If our children loves to eat anything, it is a bless as we can give all the healthy food to them and they eat it without any hassle. But..... if our children is a picky eater, you need to have a lot of tips and tricks to coax them to eat all those healthy food. As for my Miss Z, she eats according to her mood, if she is in the mood of eating, she will eats a lot which is a lot. Hehehe but.... if she is not in the mood, she will only drink her milk repeatedly and refuse to eat anything else. At times like this I can easily get worried wondering whether she gets enough of her daily dose of key nutrients. As a 4 year-old, she is still growing and developing her body and

21st March......

What is the significant of the 21st March???? It is WORLD ORAL HEALTH DAY!!! Ooopsss actually the World Oral Health Day is on the 20th March according to the FDI  but  Listerine is spreading an awareness campaign about the importance of complete daily oral care routines. You can join them at: Date: Saturday, 21 March 2015 Time: Anytime between 10am to 10pm   Venue: 1Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing), Highstreet Concourse (Ground Level) It is very simple to join.... you just came to the venue to register and rinse. Listerine is also targeting to break the record for the "Largest Mouthwash Rinsing Event". So not only you became one part of the record holder, but you can also get your dose of daily oral care for free. You will get a discount voucher and an exclusive certificate, If you are lucky enough, you might be coming home with one of the Johnson & Johnson hampers that they are intended to give out throughout the day. As this World Oral Health Day 201