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It have been reversed

I am enjoying and 'enjoying' the school holiday so much that my blog is left to its own hahahha.... Anyway, just to share some anecdote about my eldest, Mr A. I have already converted him as a Star Wars fan hehehe... because I already take my father's vcd collection of Star Wars Trilogy :P and it have become our staple movies to be seen during holidays. Even Miss Z could identify all the Star Wars character, but she just know all of it as Star Wars  :D Star Wars: The Force Awakens So Mr. A is really looking forward for the latest installment of Star Wars:The Force Awakens. Thus he requested at Hubby to see that movie in cinema. Hubby refused his request on the reason that Mr A does not always comply to Hubby's request so Hubby feels not obligated to fulfill Mr A request. And somewhere in Hubby's line of speech, he mentioned that he will not give Mr A what he requested, instead Hubby will give whatever Mr A do not request. See... Hubby is trying to do rever