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Only the best for Miss Z

Being a parent, especially mother, we only want to give the best to our kids. Hopefully by giving the best, we can nurture our children's potential to the fullest. The first thing that we have to give best is quality sustenance or better known as food :p Kids rapid development need a lot of nutrition at all time. If our children loves to eat anything, it is a bless as we can give all the healthy food to them and they eat it without any hassle. But..... if our children is a picky eater, you need to have a lot of tips and tricks to coax them to eat all those healthy food. As for my Miss Z, she eats according to her mood, if she is in the mood of eating, she will eats a lot which is a lot. Hehehe but.... if she is not in the mood, she will only drink her milk repeatedly and refuse to eat anything else. At times like this I can easily get worried wondering whether she gets enough of her daily dose of key nutrients. As a 4 year-old, she is still growing and developing her body and