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Goodbye Level 60 :(

--an outdated entry-- 21st November 2008 will be etched in my memory as the last day of having office at Level 60. Our emotion was mostly sad since it is very very great living in the cloud. Seriously, it was living in the cloud during rain hehe... My view was the KL Tower and whenever the tower missing in the rain cloud (or is it the columinombus) I will surely know the rain is very heavy. Eventhough sometimes the experience during the rain was quite scary, the view during clear sunny day was very marvellous. We could directly see the Genting and the highlands in the morning was usually covered by fog. A very serene scene. But not only its view that I loved, but also its amenities and accessibility. Have you ever went to restroom in Suria KLCC? the one without any water hose but that one is quite a defect since the 'target' is too far but in KLCC Tower the 'target' is perfect. ;) Good toilet means good office hehehe... The lift was separated into segments, for level 60

The GREAT Saturday Getaway... part 3

people said that a picture is worth more than 1000 words.... so check this out... the laman - spacious and nicely landscaped one of the fish pond - very serene the river - eventhough quite shallow, the water is deras and very clear, refreshing and cold. I really like this picture because the water looks very real. hehehe Anyway, this house actually is private property and thats why the condition is very very good. if only I am millionaire for sure I will buy a property at Janda Baik. :)

The GREAT Saturday Getaway... part 2

It was around 12++noon, we moved our play area to 'laman' . The spacious laman could easily be occupied by 8 canopies. The green grass was recently cut and I love the smell of freshly cut grass. There is no animal roaming around, (the turkey is in the coop), so the grass seems so clean that I decided to discard my slippers for the rest of the day. Very au natural hehehe... We started our second game of Blow & Hit balloon. The father have to blow the balloon and the mother popped it out with the kids as the messenger by passing the balloon between the parents. As my kids still could not grasp the concept of sukaneka , hubby and I lose again hehe... So when the third game, the InterFamily game of ball, my team gave all out and won the match by 3 goals to 2. hehehe... I was the goalie who was protected by hubby hahaha... yolah, org takut bola lak jd goalie ...hehehe *my team bola* Then we took a break around 2

The GREAT Saturday Getaway!!! ... part 1

Last Saturday, my team at work organized a picnic with myself as the secretariat. At first, we planned to have it at FRIM but their main attraction 'The Canopy Walk' is closed for maintenance. Fortunately on last Thursday's evening (with only 2 days more to go), my colleague offer her brother rest house at Janda Baik for us to use. Hubby quite reluctant with the change of venue but finally he agreed. So off we went to Janda Baik on Saturday morning. We started our journey around 9.30am from Tol Gombak and after spending almost 1 hour cruising the curvaceous road we reached the destination. The scenery of the house was breathtaking and all of us fell in love at first si ght with the house. Just after the main gate, we were driving downhill through an orchard of durian and rambutan trees. Then we were going around two large fish pond and park our car at the big 'laman' with playground and gazebo and coop of turkeys. Then hurriedly we toured the house and found out the

The Raya Pose

Aiman with his usual pose whenever he is photographed, but this time Erina also have put up a pose which is quite unusual for her. Taken during first day of Raya 2008 at Keramat.

The Fall :(

Erina fell down from sofa during sleeping and she cried loudly for hours after that... :( She did not want me to touch or cuddle her... I felt very very very sad with the rejection and I cried too until I slept and cried out my heart again when hubby woke me up... actually it was quite funny coz my cry can continue just like that... hehe The next day, I took my day off since I was quite worried with Erina's aftermath of the fall. Then in the evening, I took Aiman and Erina to playground. After spending almost 1 hour at the playground, she fell down from the playground's platform. It is almost 1m high!!! My heart had missed a beat and after a quick thorough check (no broken bones, no bruises) she cried for only 10 minutes with less intensity than the night before... so no worries

Last week was a very super busy week

work wise that is :( 2 days in a row i only got back to home after 10++pm. thats all due to the almost failure of the system that i took care of. root cause probably stem from the design flaw and amplified by the loop holes in business flow. it was a very tiring 5 days tried to make sure the business operation went off as usual eventhough finished at very late hours. with the help and working as a team, the problem had been conquered and settled, at last. as for my family, erina missed cuddling with very much so in the morning she cried when sent me off at lrt station. my hubby had a too simple dinner for the whole week. on the positive side, i know my hubby can handle of taking care the kids minus preparing the dinner. another point, my supply of lauk (fish and chicken) can last for another week, very saving. hehe

be healthy ... part 2

my condition is getting better.... when I met with the Doc, she seems quite puzzled with my condition. It did not reach to the condition where it is clearly problematic but it is still out of ordinary. The best advice that she could gave was "Monitor your condition closely". but alhamdulillah, eventhough the condition is still weird, but my condition is getting better...

Be healthy

Being older means extra care and more sensitive to how healthy is myself. I do not like meet with doctor. But I have to for today. Hopefully I am healthy as I can be. Wish all the luck with me.

I am in love :)

Of coz in love with my husband. :) I was sick yesterday evening, headache etc. Maybe becoz I skipped breakfast that morning or drenched in the rain the day before. So after reach at home, I just lay down trying to get some sleep without doing any of the house chores. The love of my life just take control of the situation by sidai baju , cooking dinner for me. A murtabak maggi. Luckily it taste good hehe. I feel so pampered by him in his own way of coz. :)

What for dinner??

By the time 5 o'clock every evening of working day, I am going to think what to cook for dinner. Hubby likes eating very simple food. Fried fish ok. Nasi goreng kg ok. But... must have something spicy. Aiman eats according to his mood and prefer chicken and quite despise veggies. Erina eats everything thats not spicy. If it really delicious, she will licks every finger :D a very satisfying view if the food is home cooked. Myself eats everything but for spicy only sambal belacan. But sambal belacan is quite a must for every nasi meal. So with various needs and time constraint, what am I going to cook for dinner???? :)


:) I am a very good partner in going to buffet hehe...perasan sendiri... :P but I really I love to eat a variety of food and have seasonal favourite food, according to my moods, :). As usual during Aidilfitri, I will eat a lot of ketupat and rendang but this year I miss my Mak Ngah's ketupat and rendang ayam kampung, mana tak miss I came to her house only on the evening of 2nd raya, sudah habis lor... However, the food perk of this raya is CHOCOLATE CAKE at Mak Yam's house, her sibling got it from a hotel, a very big cake (hotel style) and the chocolate was very delicious, I was savouring every bite of the cake. hmmmm I should be looking for that hotel hehe... the chocolate icing is not too sweet and the cake also not too sweet but eaten together it feels like euphoria... hehe betul ke description ni... Just memorizing the chocolate cake make me craving for more aaaa.... ishk no more idea... will be continued when the inspiration came ;)

:( back to work :(

After 6 days of holiday, it is very difficult to get back in working mode. First and foremost, I miss the time I spent with my kids, eventhough almost 50% of the time spent I yelled at them hehehe... of course I have to yell since Aiman will disturb Erina and vice versa. And as a reminder to myself Erina is more aggressive than her brother, maybe because her name means "victorious beautiful lady" so since she always want to win she have to be more aggressive. Aiyark... next time I have to give my next daughter name that is more polite ( sopan ). Our raya celebration went quite well, my family had covered most of the houses that wajib to be visited. First day Raya at Keramat, then at around 12 noon we went to the neighbour's house, have to go to the nearest first. After that went to Selayang to visit my husband's grandma. Then we konvoi with several aunties to Jln Duta, to visit grandma's older sister. But husband forgot to take picture with Cat Farish who wear t

Raya oh Raya

Preparation for Raya 2008: My son, Aiman Baju Melayu - DONE - colour pink (he chose it by himself coz he saw the mannequin wears it). Samping - need to recheck last year's if not have to buy new one tomorrow :( . Shirt - DONE - same with his cousin, Irfan, sure they look cute wearing the same shirt hehehe. My daughter, Erina Baju Kurung - DONE - colour pink (sedondon with her abang since abang the one who chose it). Gown - DONE - another pink colour. Jeans + t-shirt- DONE - it is great shopping at Isetan presale heheheh >:) . Hair accessories - where i am going to buy it?! hmmmm My hubby Nothing yet... tomorrow have to settle everything...anyway it is fun to have last minute shopping for raya...hehehe... every year we do this... Myself Shoes - DONE - luckily Vincci has sale at this time. hehehe... Baju Kurung - erk... tomorrow have to shop.... Tudung - erk.. tomorrow also... have to survey for tudung 'air mata nora danish' hehehe does it really exist? hehehe Our Home Cur


Wow!! It almost a month I did not blog... hehe... a lot of things had happen but I was extremely busy with work for the past few weeks. Occay, to preserve the memories..... Anecdote 1: Erina turned 2 on 25th August - she shared the birthday with Mawi!!! hehehe - she become more talkative but actually she just follow whatever her brother said by saying only the last syllable... example: Aiman"Acu ni sibuklah" Erina"Cu buk" hehehe - hubby and I bought her a doll, she loves it but Aiman play with it more than her... complete with the storyline and the characters... example: Aiman(to Erina)"Mama, baby nangis ni" Erina ---blur---- hehehe Anecdote 2: Shopping raya - have started by buying 1 dress for Erina, 1 shirt for Aiman and another same shirt for Irfan (my SIL's son who is only 8 months older than Aiman)... - curtain... hahaha... at last, a new curtain for my home... we bought the ready made... very easy and it makes me very happy... no need to sew the

Part 2: Aiman's Potty Training

Aiman is very very very comfortable using his disposable diapers. We could not change that comfortable feeling ( I always give way to his persuading look; very sad eyes, a sad smile). He can go without diaper at home but not at his grandma's house. He love using the kids potty in our toilet but hate to use the normal toilet (toilet cangkung ) at his grandma's. He gave a lot of reasons to wear diapers in his nursery ( and yeah he can create a lot of reasons). But I still do not have 100% confidence for him to go out jalan-jalan without diapers. Maybe time will tell. :) Hopefully it is soon.

Lessons of the Geese

In the fall when you see Geese heading south for the winter flying along in the "V" formation, you might be interested in knowing what science has discovered about why they fly that way. It has been learned that as each bird flaps its wings, it creates uplift for the bird immediately following. By flying in a "V" formation, the whole flock adds at least 71% greater flying range than if each bird flew on its own. Quite similar to people who are part of a team and share a common direction get where they are going quicker and easier, because they are traveling on the trust of one another and lift each other up along the way. Whenever a Goose falls out of formation, it suddenly feels the drag and resistance of trying to go through it alone and quickly gets back into formationto take advantage of the power of the flock. If we have as much sense as a Goose, we will stay in formation and share information with those who are headed in the same way that we are going. When

Ilmu: Sedekah & Riba'

I just want to share (and in a way remind me of what have I learnt, heard, know) the summary content of Kelas Tafsiran conducted by Dato' Dr Fatma El-Zahra every Wednesday lunch hour at Tower 1, KLCC for Petronas. Surah Al-Baqarah; ayat 272 ~ 280 Sedekah ( or infaq in Arabic) is very good a) sedekah in its way could cleanse up the sins that we have committed b) if we want our doa 'dimakbulkan' give out sedekah a lot c) if we feel our lives have a lot of misfortune, give out sedekah, so maybe we could be lucky d) sedekah is not limited to fakir or orphans only, we should give sedekah to those people who are in need (example: he might be look ok at the appearance but has no money to eat) e) do not sedekah things that we ourselves do not want, give those that we want (i.e money) riba' is very bad a) people who loves riba' will wake up during Qiamat having epilepsy b) there are 70 types of riba&#

Is it because of the training pants or it is already THE TIME ??!!

Yesterday was a milestone for Aiman, he managed to not wear diapers for the whole day. :) That is when he is 3 and 1/2 years old already. For some it is quite late, but for me it is the matter whether the child is ready or not. This is a common problem for modern mums such as my friend have also discovered. The problem for finding the exact time our kids are ready to be potty trained. As for Aiman it was quite a long journey (and it is not ended yet). After various ways of persuading, coaxing, threatening and bribing failed to make Aiman NOT to wear diapers, hubby and I decided to buy training pants for him (as advertised in ). So yesterday morning, we make him wear it. He peed in it, as I had expected. But amazingly after that whenever he feel to pee, he just remove his pants, go to toilet, pee and wash himself. Without no help or directive. But once in a while the activities were added with playin

Too much time on computer already??!!!

One day... while waiting for a tv program to start ( I can not remember which tv programme), a commercial was aired during which I wondering aloud, "Ishk, bila lah xxx(the programme's name) nak start ni...." Then Aiman said,"Tunggulah jap ibu. Dia tgh nak loading tu!" I was stunned. He is only 3 and half years old. :)

My angels

My two angels trying to spread their wings... AMIR ZAFARUL AIMAN - prince of lucky strive ERINA ZAFREEN - beautiful victorious lady