Raya oh Raya

Preparation for Raya 2008:

  • My son, Aiman

Baju Melayu - DONE - colour pink (he chose it by himself coz he saw the mannequin wears it). Samping - need to recheck last year's if not have to buy new one tomorrow :( . Shirt - DONE - same with his cousin, Irfan, sure they look cute wearing the same shirt hehehe.

  • My daughter, Erina

Baju Kurung - DONE - colour pink (sedondon with her abang since abang the one who chose it). Gown - DONE - another pink colour. Jeans + t-shirt- DONE - it is great shopping at Isetan presale heheheh >:) . Hair accessories - where i am going to buy it?! hmmmm

  • My hubby

Nothing yet... tomorrow have to settle everything...anyway it is fun to have last minute shopping for raya...hehehe... every year we do this...

  • Myself

Shoes - DONE - luckily Vincci has sale at this time. hehehe... Baju Kurung - erk... tomorrow have to shop.... Tudung - erk.. tomorrow also... have to survey for tudung 'air mata nora danish' hehehe does it really exist? hehehe

  • Our Home

Curtain - DONE. Dining Table - DONE. now our home is ready to entertain guests.hehehe... after 1 year pindah .... hehehe..

Plan for Raya 2008:

Day 1: Keramat (PIL's house)

Day 2: Ijok (FIL's kg) then to Klang (my parents)

Day 3: Banting (my kg) hopefully sempat round sampai Dengkil

Day 4: Jerantut (hantar pengantin)

Day 5: Jerantut

Day 6: Rest

Day 7: back to work :(


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