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The day George came to town

Everyone...... George Calombaris was in KL!!!! That is a very good news to all those "MasterChef nerds".I should rate myself only Level 3 nerd of MasterChef nerdies. hahahha like those even exist in the first place. Anyway, on last Sunday, Lifetime Asia have organized "George Calombaris Asia Tour" at Midvalley. This session was special because this was the only time we get to see George cooking !!! In MasterChef Australia he is the judge so he was not required to cook. George have presented to us how he do his signature dish with an Asian twist, namely Poached Chicken with Miso Hummus and Green Mango Salad. I was starstruck and dumbfounded since he completed the cooking within less than 30 minutes which make I did not get the recipe fully. D@mmmnnn ... now I have to search high and low for it. Chicken, miso hummus, green mango. GC A photo posted by George Calombaris (@gcalombaris) on Oct 10, 2014 at 2:53am PDT This picture is borrowed

George is comingggggg!!!!!

George is comingggggg!!!! Who you asked? Nope... it is certainly not George of the Jungle But George Calombaris , one of the judge of MasterChef Australia It is George For the first time ever, Lifetime is bringing MasterChef Australia judge and celebrity chef, George Calombaris to meet his fans in Kuala Lumpur!  Date: Sunday, 26 Oct Time: 2pm Venue: Third Floor (Centre), Mid Valley Megamall Visiting Malaysia in conjuction with the new season of MasterChef Australia Season 6 (which is being airs weeknights at 7pm and 11pm, on Lifetime (Astro channel 709)), George will also take part in 'The Great George Taste-Off' - to try the top 3 Malaysian dishes as voted by fans on the Lifetime Asia website - besides showcasing his signature dish with a unique Asian twist! And the people have voted...... First Choice: Nasi Kerabu Photo: Second Choice: Assam Laksa Photo: Third Choice: Penang Style Oyst

Fun dance with the kids

Sometimes we do need to do some silly activities for our bonding with the kids. So when we receive the invitation to learn the  Dugrostar™ Step Dance, I have asked my Miss E and Miss Z to dance together, but they were too shy to be captured in video (but they never shy for photography... aishhhh) so just enjoy the video below of my 'shy shy cat' Miss E.  The step by step video of  Dugrostar™ Step Dance  compared to my Miss E's 'shy shy cat' dance If that was not entertaining enough (of course it is not hehehe), it is better for you to watch the more exciting performing arts of  280 young finalists of  Dugrostar™ getting shortlisted for the next phase. These live performances will be done at seven malls across Malaysia held from 24th October to 16th November. So ... pick up your choice... Venue Date KB Mall, Kelantan 24-25 October 2014 Plaza Merdeka, Sarawak 31 October-2 November 2014 Sunway Pyramid, Selangor

This elated feelings...

I knew that by making others happy you will be automatically happy too. But I never knew it can be contagious :D Today(as of 15th October 2014), I experienced it first hand. This year have been a hectic year for my team  at my workbplace. Of course I do not have team in my home... :p We do not have many opportunity to have outside-office activities. Less pot luck sessions compared to previous years. There goes our usual bonding sessions. It have been hectic but the stress level is still manageable. Then last week, we realised that today would be our team lead's birthday. What is the better way to de-stress and bonding within the team? Yeahhh ... to hold a surprise party at 8 o'clock in the morning :) So we bought the decorations, cake and the gift. Plus the breakfast for the team. The this morning, the morning batch (those who came super early to office) start the decorations at our team lead's cubicle. They blow up balloons at 7:30am hehehe ....only those with sp

My Own Little Stars

I love watching Seriously Funny Kids which was hosted by Heidi Klum, yeah... she is an eye candy but the stars of the show were the kids. I believe conducting a witty conversation with adult should be considered as one of children's greatest talent. Children can be groomed or nurtured to have any talent that they want as early as it can be. As for now, my Mister A is becoming an avid reader with a bucketful of imagination. He can read and re-read the same book more than 3 times. He is already encroaching my childhood collection books. Hopefully this will become his hobby up until his adulthood. Meanwhile, my Miss E is very passionate in cooking and baking. She kept pestering me in the kitchen whenever I am going to cook something special. Now I am wondering... why she did not want to help me for the not-so-special dishes??? hmmmmm As for my 3-year-old Miss Z, she is now my husband's muse for photography. Just ask her to shoot her photo, she will be automatically ready for

Semarak Cinta Nabi Muhammad #33

Semarak Cinta Nabi Muhammad #33 ****************************** ** -googled picture- Kisah ini bermula di sudut pasar Madinah Al-Munawarah. Ada seorang pengemis Yahudi buta, setiap hari apabila ada orang yang mendekatinya ia selalu berkata, “Wahai saudaraku jangan dekati Muhammad, dia itu orang gila, dia itu pembohong, dia itu tukang sihir, apabila kalian mendekatinya kalian akan dipengaruhinya. Setiap pagi Rasul ullah s.a.w mendatanginya dengan membawa makanan, dan tanpa berkata sepatah kata pun Rasulullah s.a.w menyuapkan makanan yang dibawanya kepada pengemis itu walaupun pengemis itu selalu berpesan agar tidak mendekati orang yang bernama Muhammad. Rasulullah s.a.w melakukannya hingga menjelang baginda wafat. Setelah kewafatan Rasulullah s.a.w tidak ada lagi orang yang membawakan makanan setiap pagi kepada pengemis Yahudi yang buta itu. Suatu hari Abu Bakar r.a berkunjung ke rumah anaknya Aisyah r.a. Beliau bertanya kepada anaknya, “Wahai anakku, adakah sunnah kekasihku yan