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it makes me wonder...

Recently i noticed a lot of improvement, or should i categorize it as milestone, in Erina. Even though it is only 3months++ we enrolled her in kindergarten, she can now speak simple English sentences. If I am not mistaken, compared to Aiman last year, she speaks more English sentences than her brother at this point of time. She comprehends more difficult topic in English such as ' living things ' etc. For the past few weeks, she was asked to join Aiman in his 'Class One' (class for 6-years old) for Art class. For me (who is very bad in Art), that quite an achievement. I did notice that her coloring is much prettier than Aiman's, but I thought because she is a girl so coloring was done very carefully. As an example, Erina will color the whole apple in red but Aiman will color the apple in different colors depicting some sort of shades (but of different colors). As for other classes, Erina still stays in her 'Class Two' (class for 5-years old). Started a few d