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Wisdom from the heart

Last Saturday, Danone Dumex Malaysia have launched its new real time interactive website specifically for Malaysian mums. Motherhood is quite challenging journey which sometimes we do need some sort of support from other person. As each  pregnancy and each kids are different, even myself who already have three kids still have some questions during pregnancy, labour and toddlerhood. Sometimes these questions come at unexpected time such as midnight or very early morning, for sure at that time we could not call our 'talian hayat' (mom or bff) for consultation. Fortunately, Danone Dumex (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Danone Dumex) have its Dumex Mama Club at  as a real-time interactive website where we could get access to other mothers' real experiences and wisdom through an on-line community. Furthermore, it is supported by Dumex Careline Advisors and healthcare professionals so that mum get the right support, guidance and more importantly, reassurance throug

A time to reflect and transform

It's been quite a long time I have not post anything in this blog... life was too hectic for a few weeks and  then I spent my free time catching up my family time and my sleeping time hahahaha.... so this blog get neglected during those time... Anyway, I think it will be not too late to wish to all of you "Happy Ramadhan".... The month which is eagerly awaited every year, The month when we feels nearer to Allah, The month to reflect and transform ourselves as per stated in the article " A time to reflect and transform " but I have to omit some lines (those related to politics) but you can still read the full article here . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Published: Tuesday July 16, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM Updated: Tuesday July 16, 2013 MYT 8:06:46 AM A time to reflect and transform IKIM VIEWS As human beings who are always in need of constant reminders on the purpo

idle man is dead man

the past few weeks have been extra hectic for me... being it my personal life or my work life,.... the level of hectic is almost the same... hubby was outstation for several quite long stretches and the kids were extra "good" during those times.... it was a  tough training of patience for me... then the kids got sick one after another.... fever, fever and fever... may Allah bless us more by getting us to endure these small sickness... the works was never ending as usual and i was trying very hard to control my stress  a lot of delicious food.... and now feel likes gaining a little bit of weight hahahhaa..... but I am grateful for this hectic-ness.... it means I am still alive, I am still have family, I am still have some works, I am still can contribute to others. The only idle man are those who are dead. If you found me sort of idling somewhere, fyi, I am not idling, I am just taking a breather ;)