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Last Saturday, Danone Dumex Malaysia have launched its new real time interactive website specifically for Malaysian mums. Motherhood is quite challenging journey which sometimes we do need some sort of support from other person. As each  pregnancy and each kids are different, even myself who already have three kids still have some questions during pregnancy, labour and toddlerhood. Sometimes these questions come at unexpected time such as midnight or very early morning, for sure at that time we could not call our 'talian hayat' (mom or bff) for consultation.

Fortunately, Danone Dumex (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Danone Dumex) have its Dumex Mama Club at http://www.dumex.com.my/ as a real-time interactive website where we could get access to other mothers' real experiences and wisdom through an on-line community. Furthermore, it is supported by Dumex Careline Advisors and healthcare professionals so that mum get the right support, guidance and more importantly, reassurance throughout motherhood.

This experience is brought to life through a new key feature called "Share Your Wisdom" where mums rate and review the posting of other mothers. Postings relate to questions and the sharing of experiences and wisdom of mums, Dumex Careline Advisors, and healthcare professionals on topics from conception, to birth and to toddlerhood. Mums can conveniently access it whenever and wherever she is - be it via her desktop, mobile phone or tablet.

The collage done by the participants symbolize the launching of the website

There are also practical interactive tools such as the 'Pregnancy Weight Tracker' and 'Pregnancy Calendar' and other useful features that will be rolled out over the next few months like a "Live Chat" and "Moments from the Heart". 'Pregnancy Calendar' is quite common but this is the first time I get to know 'Pregnancy Weight Tracker' .... why oh why I did not encounter this while I was pregnant two years ago.... oh mannn :( if not pasti i cukup kurus now..kan kan kan...

Dumex Mama Club ... Useful tools
Ms Toni Brendish during the welcoming address

The event was welcomed by Managing Director of Danone Dumex, Ms. Toni Brendish. "In addition, there are also a variety of engaging and interactive tools on the website which are very useful for a mum, not only for guidance, but also to celebrate her joys of motherhood.", explained Ms. Brendish.

To mark the launch of the new Dumex interactive platform, Danone Dumex commemorated the important beginnings of motherhood and paid tribute to expecting mothers by organizing an exclusive, educational talk show for pregnant women, where experts discussed "Nutrition during Pregnancy". The experts are Dumex Careline Advisor and Nurse, Preeta Letchumanan, Consultant Dietician Indra Balaratnam and Celebrity Mum Azizah Ariffin.
The panel from right: Annie the MC, Azizah Ariffin the Celebrity Mum, Indra Balaratnam the Consultant Dietician, Preeta Letchumanan the Dumex Careline Advisor/Nurse
This sharing of wisdom echoed the key feature of the new platform, encouraging mothers all over Malaysia to be a part of the Dumex mothers' community so that they can provide support, advice and wisdom to each other.

Advice of nutrition is also a helpful resource available on the website, and Consultant Dietician Indra Balaratnam explained that there is increasing evidence that good nutrition throughout pregnancy can have a lasting impact on the child's future health. Hence, a pregnant woman's nutritional requirements are very important, and having on-going access to information on nutrition throughout pregnancy is a valuable resource to empower her to make a good food choices.

Mothers all over Malaysia can now be apart of the Dumex community and connect with other mums all over the country by registering as member of the Dumex Mama Club on http://www.dumex.com.my/ So what are you waiting for??? Go register and get some samples :)

I will share the snippets of the event and fun ways on  how to consume your milk (for those who did not like milk) in the next posts.

Till then... adios


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