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The pizza delivery is going to be long.... One and half hour.... What to do? Go to the store and take away :)

ohhhh my (d)ear

I am waiting for hubby to reach home (now at 12.40am) after his flight slightly delayed, trying very hard to keep my eyes open and perhaps composing a new post for my blog. But this girl.... My no 1 princess who insists to stay awake waiting for her father, could not stop talking..... aaaarrrgghhh heavy conversation in the middle of the night arrrrgghhhh among her questions (for the other questions, i just nod and say "") 1- kenapa semua kawan erina berbeza dari erina? 2- nescaya tu apa? okey... I could not recall the earlier questions .... not paying enough attention in this drowsy state.... need to get to sleep

masterchef australia season 5

YES!!!!!! A new season of MasterChef Australia .... The only  MasterChef  version that have varieties of contestants... it feels like a worldwide version of  MasterChef  as there are contestants with background of east asia, india, china, south east asia, italy and of course australia. This have make the food prepared in  MasterChef  consists influence from those countries which make the show very worth to watch and follow. You do not believe me?? You can watch the show  Masterchef Australia  season 5 which now showing at Lifetime, Astro Channel 709, at 7pm and 11pm every weekdays or perhaps you can get the recipe here . The interesting mix of contestants But what I like most about  MasterChef Australia is their 3 judges. Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston. Not only they are very qualified (have restaurants, cooking awards and write cookbooks) but their manner while judging is very loveable. They always pushing the contestants to be at their best in a very g