The GREAT Saturday Getaway!!! ... part 1

Last Saturday, my team at work organized a picnic with myself as the secretariat. At first, we planned to have it at FRIM but their main attraction 'The Canopy Walk' is closed for maintenance. Fortunately on last Thursday's evening (with only 2 days more to go), my colleague offer her brother rest house at Janda Baik for us to use. Hubby quite reluctant with the change of venue but finally he agreed.

So off we went to Janda Baik on Saturday morning. We started our journey around 9.30am from Tol Gombak and after spending almost 1 hour cruising the curvaceous road we reached the destination.

The scenery of the house was breathtaking and all of us fell in love at first sight with the house. Just after the main gate, we were driving downhill through an orchard of durian and rambutan trees. Then we were going around two large fish pond and park our car at the big 'laman' with playground and gazebo and coop of turkeys. Then hurriedly we toured the house and found out the beautiful river at the back, the bbq place besides the river. Everything seemed very exciting and amazing. It felt so worth driving through the curvy road and reached this beautiful place.

We did potluck for this picnic, and I brought spagetti with egg sauce. So after laid out the food, we had the late breakfast quickly and off to the river :) After spending some time in the cool water and Aiman was capsized in his Nemo floaties, we continue our eating session with BBQ. It was heaven eating chicken by the riverside.
Then we started our first game, the Water Balloon. The kids were supposed to hit their father with the water balloon until the balloon popped out. The first who finish 5 balloons were considered winner. Unfortunately, with most of the kids are toddler (less than 5 years old), the game went haywire. As for my family, Aiman did not want to participate in the flurry of activities and Erina did not want to be parted with her water balloon. So we lose :( but it was fun.


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