The GREAT Saturday Getaway... part 2

It was around 12++noon, we moved our play area to 'laman'. The spacious laman could easily be occupied by 8 canopies. The green grass was recently cut and I love the smell of freshly cut grass. There is no animal roaming around, (the turkey is in the coop), so the grass seems so clean that I decided to discard my slippers for the rest of the day. Very au natural hehehe...

We started our second game of Blow & Hit balloon. The father have to blow the balloon and the mother popped it out with the kids as the messenger by passing the balloon between the parents. As my kids still could not grasp the concept of sukaneka, hubby and I lose again hehe... So when the third game, the InterFamily game of ball, my team gave all out and won the match by 3 goals to 2. hehehe... I was the goalie who was protected by hubby hahaha... yolah, org takut bola lak jd goalie...hehehe

*my team bola*

Then we took a break around 2.30pm to perform solat and eating again. Erina was very tired and had fallen asleep in front of tv. I managed to convince Aiman to play with the water again. He was traumatized by the capsize since hubby just picked him up by holding both his legs. But we only got to be in the water around 10 minutes when the whistle had been blown as the last game was about to start.

The last game was Treasure Hunt. We were asked to find 10 things mostly stationary in a quite big area. Just imagine to find comb binder in an orchard.... it seems quite crazy. To cut it short, my team lose by 2 things and one of the thing was very very well hidden which the organizer almost forgot where he hid it. hahaha... then it was time to get the prizes and photo session.

We continued with our berendam session and since it was already 5pm we started to pack things up, cleaned the place and went back by 6.30pm. I left the place with a very heavy heart. It was very exciting, exhilarating and rejuvenating experience for us. Even hubby was very happy. Of course he was happy, he got to do jacuzzi (lay down in the river and let the water flow massage your body).

And I was happy to get to know my team and their family better. Hopefully we could organized a longer trip and more meriah.


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