Maafkan ibu, sayang

This Ramadhan, we (my hubby and myself) try to bring the kids for tarawikh every night. Regardless it is at our own house or at our parents' house.

One of the weekends, we spent it at my PIL's house. So we went to its surau for tarawikh with my MIL and SIL (the girls group). As usual, I will choose the last row for convenience, so Miss Z would not disturb other people and she still can come to us if she want. She is going to be 4-years-old, so solat for her is 1 rakaat only :P

So our arrangement was my MIL, Miss E, me and my SIL. The solat Isyak have started and a few people were late continue the line at my MIL's side. Then right after Isyak, the 'makcik' beside my SIL told us "eh adik ni solat kat belakang lah , putus saf dah ni"  pointing to Miss E.

All of us tergamam sekejap. Even my MIL was speechless. I menahan diri dari nak jawab balik kat makcik tu sbb mengenangkan she might be one my MIL friends. I was thinking to just going asking that makcik "kat ayat mana dlm quran or hadis mana yg kata budak2 ni memutuskan saf". Or kalau ikutkan my bad girl nya side "makcik ni tak sampai mekah lagi ye... kat sana boleh je budak2 solat skali... tak putus saf pun" .So to make the situation not awkward anymore, I just ajak Miss E to solat at the back together. Then my SIL stood up and follow us too. My MIL squeeze to the front row, I don't know whether to escape to the makcik or because there are really free space in front.

during the solat, I was trying very hard not to tap that makcik's shoulders and whispered in her ears "makcik tak cukup rapat dgn orang sebelah pun boleh memutuskan saf tau..." hahaha the evil me... no i do not do it... just out of respect as she is older than me and my MIL's neighbours... i did not talk to her at all...

later i told hubby and my conclusion was "patutlah surau tu tak de budak2 remaja perempuan solat terawih" compared to the surau at our house, there is always those girls in secondary school or those twenties-years old girls...

To my Miss E, I am very sorry I could not defend you as what my heart desired, I feel like I want to be a mama bear where I can maul those who harm you... but we are human, darling. We have to be courteous even to those who are not extending their courteousness to us. It takes much more effort and energy than leashing the anger to them. But it will elevate us as a better person. Just remember, not all things should be reciprocated with harshness.

By the way, who knows the ayat in Quran or hadis that stating kanak2 memutuskan saf? Please forward those information to me. :)


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