September = PLAY-DOH month : Shape a Colourful Community

The smallest princess also known as the queen of PLAY-DOH in the house, since she is not going to share her PLAY-DOH thingy with others and her capability to mix the dough in the most quickest time, my Miss Z has been slept early last night. So it became the precious time for the big bro, Mr A, and the big sis, Miss E, to officiate the Party pack of PLAY-DOH that I have received a few days back.

The pack come as part of the first-ever PLAY-DOH month in Malaysia. The challenge given was to "Shape a Colourful Community " by creating PLAY-DOH sculpture to reflect the meaning of Malaysia and/or its colorful community to us. I let both of them to plan, to divide the task and do it together. In a way, I am forcing them to cooperate, do proper planning and visualize their end result while planning. Hahaha tetiba rasa anak2 dah besar sangat when they can do all that smoothly without any arguments or extra 'drama'.
The masterpiece

You guys could also take part to create your own Malaysia-inspired masterpieces out of PLAY-DOH at Ground Floor HighStreet, 1 Utama from 21st to 27th September 2015. It is open to children and adults too. On 26th September (Saturday) you could come to 1 Utama to participate in The Malaysia Book of Records attempt for the most PLAY-DOH sculptures created in a single day. If your creation is recognized as a masterpiece, you could walk away with exciting PLAY-DOH prizes.

Shape A Colorful Community

PLAY-DOH allows your creativity juices to flow more freely as there is no limit to your imagination and these can also be done as part of family bonding activities. Through hands-on, structured play and encouragement during the PLAY-DOH activities (or is it playing), children (and of course adult too) can learn many skills such as recognising shapes and colours, mixing and blending colours, social and intellectual skills too like collaboration and problem-solving. This also good idea for team building for adults hmmmm

Among the tips that I get for this are:
1- Work as a team to visualize by having some sort of drawing board
2- Materialize the design with PLAY-DOH, feel free to mix, to press pattern and make various shapes with any household item (not mix yeah) , Mr A and Miss E using bottle of vitamin C as their roller pffttt
3- Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when your flat design transform into a colourful 3-D Malaysia-inspired masterpiece creation

You may get more info at PLAY-DOH website

Mark it in your calendar now....
21/09 to 27/09 1 Utama
26/09 1 Utama

Oh by the way, HAPPY MALAYSIA DAY to all MALAYSIAN !!!



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