Raya is commminnngggg.....!!!

Ramadhan is already near the end... oh how I will miss it... hopefully we can meet again with the next Ramadhan...  Anyway, the upcoming Raya also means a long holiday for some, so please take the necessary precaution measures to have your home and belongings safe as per article below...

And do not forget to recite Ayatul Qursi while locking your doors as we tawakkal to Allah to safeguard the house. That is what I have practiced all this while. You can check about the benefits here.

Okey here is the article on how to safeguard your house which I take from The Star


Burglar-proof your home this holidays

MOST people, whether Muslim or not, would probably have plans lined up for the long Hari Raya Aidilfitri holidays.
However, their dreams of an enjoyable break may be dashed if they fail to ensure their homes are secure before leaving.
Selangor Acting police chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Datuk A. Thaiveegan said most people were so caught up in their plans that they fail to take simple measures to ensure their homes would be safe.
“Recently, we asked people in Shah Alam, Taman Tun Dr Ismail and Petaling Jaya what measures they were taking to keep their homes safe. Most said they just lock their doors,” he said.
Selangor police’s “Safe Home-Balik Kampung Campaign” is aimed at preventing break-ins during the festive period. SAC Thaiveegan said the campaign has proved to be effective in deterring crime.
“People must take precautions to protect their homes while on holiday. This will also enable them to enjoy their trip without having to worry about the safety of their houses.”
He said homeowners should inform the nearest police station if they were going to be away. The information provided in the “Safe Home” form, allows police to plan an efficient patrolling system of the areas.
“Don’t cancel the delivery of your newspaper. Rather, get your neighbours to collect the newspapers and correspondence.
“It is best to use a timer and put your house phone on silent as unanswered calls might tip off burglars,” he said.
SAC Thaiveegan urged neighbours who spot suspicious characters to call the police, “as we need a collective effort to curb crime”.
In the “Safe Home” campaign application form, residents are required to fill in their names and contact numbers.
Their date of departure and return must also be stated together with the registration number of vehicles left in the car porch or parked outside .
The forms are available at all police stations.


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