How Healthy You Are??!!!

Last month I was down with viral fever for 3 days. Luckily by the fourth day, I was getting better, if not, the doctor wanted me to take blood test.
But this month I had body ache + headache for almost 3 days also. It started with some pain at the neck and it went through all my body. I was laying down all the time. The medicine was only help partially so I persuade my husband to treat me a massage at a spa hehehe... and the massage was the reliever. I feel rejuvenated and active again. I thought of getting another massage next month so my body will maintain feel energised.
I always take care of what I eat but I seldom exercise. However I walk almost 1 km every working day, I walk from LRT station to my office and vice versa. So I consider that as my daily exercise but maybe that still does not enough. Yes, I know I am getting older by day but to maintain energetic and healthy nowadays is really a challenge.
So my resolution for the year 2009 is to keep healthy and energetic plus shedding 5 kg :)


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