is already 9 years :)

Time do really flies.... tetiba je (tetiba sangat lah kan) dah 9 tahun menikah dgn hubby.... but this year the date is very special... 12/12/12 perrggghhh nasib baik bukan tahun ke 12 nye anniversary ;)

A glittery red love

Dear Sayang,

9 years ago we started this journey of Marriage
The journey of combining our lives as one
The journey of integrating our families
Its not an easy peasy journey
We have been going up and down
we have been moved to the left and right
Sometimes spinning in the same place
Dancing around life's obstacles
But I really enjoy the journey as I have you at my side
Which make my life glorious

Now we are blessed with three gorgeous children
A son who sometimes can speak non-stop (literally)
who I am certain can grow up as a great man as yourself
Two princesses who always be "anak ayah"
who in future would be as beautiful as myself (of course lah kan...hihihi)
and an angel hopefully waiting for us in heaven

I know you are working very hard
To provide the best for me and for the kids
Even if our home now is small (and always bersepah with toys)
but it is abundance in love and happiness
Those are the things that nobody could buy
But please always remember (a reminder for myself too)
Life is not only about our career
Life is not only about what material thing we want to have
We still have kids to raise
We still have spouse to cherish
May we always working together to make this family wonderful
I am enthusiastically looking forward growing old with you :)

oh by the way... a bouquet of roses as token of appreciation is always welcomed .... hihihi


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