my unnecessary stress

When Aiman was enrolled in Standard One last year, I keep reminding myself not to stress him out for excellent result. Life is not about examination results. Luckily (or in some ways unfortunately), Aiman is at the second batch (or is it the first batch??)  of KSSR (Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah). Simply said, it is a new curriculum by Malaysia's Ministry of Education that emphasize the student's progress throughout the year instead of final examination. More tests throughout the year but no final exam at the end of the year. So automatically I did not fret about him not getting excellent result in primary school. But sekolah agama still with the conventional system, have examinations (mid-year and final year) so somehow I do expect him to improve his achievement by the end of the year.

But this year, Erina is enrolled in Standard One, with two kids in school automatically the comparison begins.  They had their mid-semester exam for Sekolah agama 2 weeks ago. I have tried to do revision with them before the exam, but since I only initiated it before the exams, it did not went smoothly. I should remember, last minute revision is not good. Hehehe....

Anyway, last week they bring home their marked exam papers. For Aiman, from those paper I feel quite satisfactory as most of it have above 90% marks. As for Erina, it was her first time doing exam, so have to redha with whatever result she gets.

But then I got the shock in my life when they bring their report card.

Erina's Result
Summary Erina's Result
Erina got Tauhid (84%) Feqah (66%) Akhlak (81%) Bahasa Arab (86%) Jawi (96%)
The total is 82.6%
And she got the 9th place in her class (9/38)

Aiman's Result

Summary Aiman's result
Aiman got Tauhid (92%) Feqah (88%) Akhlak (96%) Bahasa Arab (92%) Jawi (94%)
The total is 92.4%
butttttttttt he got the 35th place in his class (35/43)

aaarggghhh that is my unnecessary stress... how come 92% be the 35th place????? 92% not that he got 70%,  that will be understandable...I was baffled and curious what is that class performance. What is the mark for the number 1 student??? when I asked Aiman, his answer is "no 1 dengan no 2 seri" (number 1 student and number 2 student get same marks). Still not answering my curiousity. Just imagine this is the first mid-semester exam, how competitive it will be for year-end exam. Arrgggghhh this is standard two only

I could not get angry with Aiman for getting number 35 and I could not give him answer on why he could not be top 10 as Erina. The only thing that I can do is to help him to achieve much better in the next exam or perhaps I need to rant the phrase "life is not about exams only" over and over.

arggghhh my unnecessary stress...............


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