Hon hon hon hon pin pin pin pin pin

Last night from 8pm to almost 11pm, it was an almost non-stop honking plus jeritan2 manusia. At first, i thought it is coz by the trafiic jam. The traffic seems unmoving at that time at LDP highway near KJ. But the noise was persistent more than an hour.

Then only i realized there was some perhimpunan organized by i-really-dont-care-who for whatever reason at Stadium KJ. And according to the self-proclaimed-journalists (some of my fb friends), there was a very very huge crowd at the stadium.

But then it made me wonder several things.

1- how does that huge of crowd can populate that small stadium?
 From the pics in fb,  it easily seems like 100,000 people. But Stadium KJ is much smaller than stadium shah alam ( which i believe have around 80k seating capacity thus 100k people assemble there is not a big feat for stadium shah alam ). But still if only around 50k people coming to Stadium KJ.....

2- how do they get there?
Carparks in Stadium KJ is very limited. 100 maybe. 200++ max (i think) if they double park and park at their own like (not risk eh). So if they did carpool, if I do simple calculation 300 cars x 5 person = 1500 only. Are the rest come by bus? Really aa? Yes, the LRT Kelana Jaya is nearby but it is almost 5km away. Are those people walking from the train station all the almost 5 km away to Stadium? Really aaaa??? Unbelievable!!! Or perhaps they just parking at the highways? Possibly that had happen because my sister-in-law who lives at the other side of Stadium KJ have to endure a crawling traffic jam in order to reach her home last night.

3- what are they doing there?
Actually I want to be ignorant of whatever reasons of the congregation but I am wondering what are they really did there. Are they just get together to hear some speeches? From those pictures, they are everywhere in the stadium. Means many people are standing on the field. Don't they know that Stadium KJ is the home field of PKNS FC (if I am not mistaken)? So don't they think that too many crowd on the field will destroy that expensive grass which meant for football matches. If damaged, it will be very expensive to replace. Are those people attending that assembly will pay for it? Of coz not right... What about the amount of rubbish they throw last night during the event? Who is going to clean it up? Not the attendees of course. Anyway, why the i-really-dont-care-who organized during weekdays? Yesterday is working day and so is today. Ohhh I forgot, probably those attend have their own business or do not adhere to working hours as per us 'the kuli-kuli'.

But then, Stadium KJ is approximately 5km away from my home, how can the noise reach my home??
If the noise is really from the stadium, it should be deafening within the stadium. Or with that level of noise, it may have impact to the stadium's structure and other buildings that nearby.
If the noise is not from the stadium, what the heck are the people on the road are making noises too?
Are they not satisfied that they cannot get into the stadium?
Are they want to announce that there are event ongoing at the stadium?

Or perhaps they are just doing stress test their car's horn?


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