the start of the GREAT YEAR :)


A good start as I was ushering the new year with working from home, staying up late with colleagues, while waiting for our consultant to assist us in fixing the difference of 3 cents. Hahaha very small amount that could lead to a major hiccups in the next day. So have to settle it in that early morning. Thanks a lot to hubby who accompany me staying up late until 1.30am :) Love you always.

Then got news that my teammate is going to get married. Very very very excited for her. Such a good news to start the year of 2014.

Suddenly we got another good news as another teammate safely delivered her cute, beautiful baby girl at 3am. This was unexpected as the due date was 25th January. So glad for her as her bundle of joy arrive earlier. May the baby girl become a very good daughter who will serve her parents wholeheartedly later. :)

Thanks to Allah who have let me to live another year, Inshaaallah, with my happy families (at home and at work). May Allah bless us throughout this year. 

So HAPPY NEW YEAR for a start of the GREAT YEAR :)


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