During the last school holidays, the kids spent a few weeks at my PIL's house as hubby was out station. They were spending those days watching tv all day long. You know where datuk and nenek will always granted their wishes. So they keep watching cartoons until I came back from office. The 5pm session is for their nenek's slot watching Indonesian drama :p and after that I will filter all the programmes that they watched. I do not allow any re-run of cartoons, so either I will force them to watch cooking shows or documentaries. Then they became hook with cooking shows especially those featuring children as the chef.

So the upcoming show "MAN VS CHILD: CHEF SHOWDOWN"  which will be on air for the first time on 26th January on Lifetime channel will surely be on our list of programmes to be watched. The "Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown" is where the young chefs aged 7-14 put their considerable shills against fully-trained and accomplished chefs.

According to Michele Schofield, Senior Vice President, Programming & Production, A+E Networks Asia, "Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown is an A+E Networks® original format and we think it will really resonate with the audiences in Asia. Child prodigies and cooking competition shows have already proven their popularity on Lifetime and this show has both of those ingredients (pun intended)! It’s wholesome entertainment for the entire family in a region where people are passionate about their food. We’re launching our More Than #JustAKid campaign in celebration of children on Lifetime. Our aim is to showcase exceptional kids who prove that what young ones lack in experience, they make up for with creativity and enthusiasm. If given the chance, children will usually exceed expectations of grown-ups,”

 Thus Lifetime is bringing in the youngest contestant of "Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown", Estie Kung to meet the Malaysian fans on this 16th January. Proving without a doubt that she is More Than #JustAKid, this pint-sized chef has a finely-tuned palate to go with her cooking skills. A huge Harry Potter fan, Estie names her cooking utensils (meet Count Spatula! and now I am wondering what are the names of her other utensils) and hopes to write her own cookbook one day to inspire kids to be more adventurous with food.

Now you can see this extraordinary child live in action at the "Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown" event, hosted by the lovely and lively Azura Zainal!

Where: Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
(Water Feature Area, Ground Floor) – near the skating rink
When: Saturday 16 January from 12 noon
Entrance is FREE!!

 You can also catch a sneak peek of the lovable Estie at or

More Than #JustAKid


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