its hazy haze

yeah the haze is here... but this year it seems worse... and it is sooooo near to Ramadhan... oh man... this would be a difficult fasting if the haze still here during Ramadhan....

I was fasting today.... and stay at home since my not-so-baby-anymore daughter was having high fever... she was extra cranky and want her mom to cuddle her while she is sleeping... cuddle a hot kid while you are fasting and the weather is haze (which means I could not open the window and the house getting hotter inside)... aaarrrgggghhh dugaan sungguh... i was sweating all the time... there goes the sweat-that-supposed-to-go-out-during-exercise, so I do not need to exercise anymore... hahahha

i could not imagine if during Ramadhan it is still hazy.... there goes in the smoke my daily trip to bazaar ramadhan.... pfffttt..... not good not good not good...

so please pray for the rain to come and wash down the smoke (if wash away, other people will get it)...

need to remind myself, family and friends to do the below (to keep healthy and sanity in check)
1- reduce being outdoor
2- drink a lot of water
3- take a lot of bath

Owhhh I miss this clear blue sky


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