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Home is where our heart is J that’s show how precious is our home. Of course, home is where our loved ones and our loved things reside. All of these need protection all the time, but we are not going to be IN the house for 24 hours every 365 days in a year. Sometimes, we need to leave our home unattended. But if you are not at home most of the time, probably it is the high time you move to a hotel room  ;p

Thus, let me share with you 5 possible ways for you to protect your home while you are away.

1. G&G

Guarded and Gated. Yes, it is quite a luxury to have your own security guard in front of your main entrance. But if you live in a community that have common security services, you will need to pay some fee to acquire those services specifically for your home. However, I do not think this fee is regulated so you might be paying too much for too little services. The possibility is there.

2.  CCTV

This might be a bigger investment than number 1 but it is very good option if you have the modal. You just need to ensure that you get the best product and services. We do not want blurred images from the CCTV, it is not helpful at all. As in one of the episodes of NCIS Season 8 (if I am not mistaken), they get double images from the CCTV tape as the tape was overwritten for several times , yeah…cost cutting that cut the purpose of the CCTV. One more thing, if you already have CCTV installed at your home, please just ignore the images of ‘not people’ captured during odd hours in your CCTV recording

     3. Magical Illusion

You have to create an impression that your home is occupied while you are away. This can be achieved if you use timer to switch on your lamp (during the night) and switch off the lamp (during the day). But please do not leave your clothes hang out for days. This is the easiest way outsiders can know the home owner is away. However, if you do know something (mechanism or robot) that could hang out the clothes and take it away appropriately, just let me know yeah….. I prefer the one that can fold the clothes too  ;P

4. Lock it Away

Please purchase a more secure padlock as usually the less secure (most probably the cheapest one) padlock can be hacked very easily. There is a little hole under the padlock that if you poke inside it, you could open the padlock without using any keys.
But please.... not as much as this (palmface) - googled picture -

5.The Plan A or Plan I or Plan G

With only minimum 83 cents per day, you could have the assurance that if theft happened to your home your loss will be minimal. AIG’s Malaysia Theft Protect plan have 24/7 protection feature which also covers your personal effects and belonging when you are outside your home, such as during snatch theft. Not only that, the monthly premium as low as 83 cents per day is fixed, which means there will be no increase in the future. But the best thing with AIG’s Malaysia Theft Protect plan is hassle-free as no declaration on your personal valuables, household items and personal effect is needed when you purchase this insurance. You can get more information of AIG’s Malaysia Theft Protect plan here

Hopefully the tips above are helpful to ensure your loved ones or things get protected at all times J


Patrick Armeen said…
I find it important to stay safe and secure which is why I have changed locks anytime things were disturbing. It has not been because of me but, the wife preferred to do so after our daughter and her abusive boyfriend split. It was something the ladies were worried about and safety is better even though the threat is me.

Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock

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