srrroottt...cough... cough...srrrooott.... aaachhhooommm!!!!

Yeah it is flu and cough season... my girls and myself included...

So it becomes of my daily routine to clean my Miss Z's nose from all the boogies and those-cant-be-mentioned... I have to force her to lay still while I poked around her nose... then.....

Miss Z: apa ibu buat ni ? (what are you doing)
Me: bersihkan hidung adik lah (clean up your nose)
then I gave the last wipe and said ok, she tried to breathe normally a few times

Miss Z: okey... dah takde belon (okay no more balloon)
Me: belon kat mana ? (where is the balloon?)
Miss Z: kat hidung adik lah (at my nose)
Me: (palmface)

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