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Raya oh Raya

Preparation for Raya 2008:

My son, AimanBaju Melayu - DONE - colour pink (he chose it by himself coz he saw the mannequin wears it). Samping - need to recheck last year's if not have to buy new one tomorrow :( . Shirt - DONE - same with his cousin, Irfan, sure they look cute wearing the same shirt hehehe.My daughter, ErinaBaju Kurung - DONE - colour pink (sedondon with her abang since abang the one who chose it). Gown - DONE - another pink colour. Jeans + t-shirt- DONE - it is great shopping at Isetan presale heheheh >:) . Hair accessories - where i am going to buy it?! hmmmmMy hubbyNothing yet... tomorrow have to settle everything...anyway it is fun to have last minute shopping for raya...hehehe... every year we do this...MyselfShoes - DONE - luckily Vincci has sale at this time. hehehe... Baju Kurung - erk... tomorrow have to shop.... Tudung - erk.. tomorrow also... have to survey for tudung 'air mata nora danish' hehehe does it really exist? heheheOur HomeCurtain - DO…


Wow!! It almost a month I did not blog... hehe... a lot of things had happen but I was extremely busy with work for the past few weeks. Occay, to preserve the memories.....

Anecdote 1: Erina turned 2 on 25th August
- she shared the birthday with Mawi!!! hehehe
- she become more talkative but actually she just follow whatever her brother said by saying only the last syllable... example: Aiman"Acu ni sibuklah" Erina"Cu buk" hehehe
- hubby and I bought her a doll, she loves it but Aiman play with it more than her... complete with the storyline and the characters... example: Aiman(to Erina)"Mama, baby nangis ni" Erina ---blur---- hehehe

Anecdote 2: Shopping raya
- have started by buying 1 dress for Erina, 1 shirt for Aiman and another same shirt for Irfan (my SIL's son who is only 8 months older than Aiman)...
- curtain... hahaha... at last, a new curtain for my home... we bought the ready made... very easy and it makes me very happy... no need to sew the curtai…