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Espresso Factor

The continuation of Latte Factor


How to increase your savings at every birthday or increment
“I thought I could save money by cancelling my gym membership, but I’ve now grown so fat that I’m spending much more on new clothes!” TWO weeks ago we discovered the “Latte Factor”. How would you like to turbo charge your way to wealth accumulation?
LEE MUN WAI introduces the “Espresso Factor” this week! THE Expresso Factor is simply the Latte Factor on steroids! Every birthday or every time you get a pay increment, increase the savings you put aside into your special Latte Account by 5%. So instead of saving RM300 monthly, you will now be saving RM315 monthly after a year. Repeat this every year diligently. How does the Espresso Factor improve your wealth? Following on from the previous example with a 6% annual return, if we compare the Latte Factor to the Espresso Factor, instead of accumulating on…

Latte Factor

I just discover this article, how come I never discover this column in TheStar before...hmmmm... so just read it and practice it.... probably I should order only plain water when dining out... my fancy drinks could be my 'Latte Factor'


Monday April 15, 2013 We need to look at the small things we spend our money on ‘unconsciously’ every day Financial Snacks by Lee Mun Wai
What has a cup of coffee made with espresso and steamed milk got to do with your finances? Actually, nothing! However, LEE MUN WAI wants to introduce you the “Latte Factor” which has everything to do with your finances. THE “Latte Factor” is based on an extremely simple concept − we need to look at the small things we spend our money on unconsciously' every day and redirect that spending to enrich ourselves. Putting aside that odd ringgit or two a day for your future instead of spending it on purchas…

rasa nak cuti.....

rasa nak cuti.....


cuti dari tengok facebook ;)

sampai abis pilihanraya je....

sbb tak tahan tengok banyak sangat berita-berita dari "wartawan sambilan", 'journalist-to-be'
buletin utama tv3 pun dah lama tak mampu nak tengok (utk setengah jam yang pertama, setengah jam yg berikutnya mmg betul2 berita)
ni kan pula 'berita-berita' dari facebook
i do not mind the manifesto or whatever campaign
but i could not tolerate yg memburuk2kan orang lain
rasa macam kalau terbaca kat facebook tu macam tertak sengaja dapat dosa kering gak
dah lah benda2 seharian yg lain mmg adalah dosa2nya taknak lah tambah dgn yang tertak sengaja ni gak kan

makanya saya akan bercuti dari facebook
so do not miss me eh facebook ;)

wordless wednesday #06

Zahira playing with her reflection while her elder sister was trying very hard to peep through the reflection. It is some office in Shah Alam. Luckily there was no one in that office, or else the kids just provided free entertainment ;)

wordless wednesday #05

This was how we, the girls, spend our time while waiting for hubby and Aiman went for gadget hunting. We spend time with big cuddly Jelly Bunny :) but with the as-usual-active Zahira in tow, nothing can be purchased. But still it was great just window shopping with Erina.

Mesti Mau - Pesawat

Yang ku mahu hanyalah kamu
Bersama mu selalu Walau jauh kau mejelajah alam semesta
Ku tahu jawapannya
Walau apa jua rintangan yang melanda
Kita sudah siap sedia

Luahkanlah isi hati mu
Agar kita bersama
Kuatkanlah pendirian
Bila kita hadapi dunia Korus
Yang ku mahu hanyalah kamu
Bersama mu selalu
Jauh jelajah kau kelana
Kita kan tetap bersama Bila lidah hakimi ketika berbicara
Engkau tak perlu gusar
Ku kenali warna hati mu yang sebenar
Tak usah pura pura Cekalkanlah isi hati mu
Hadapi dugaannya
Kuatkanlah pendirian
Agar dunia milik kita bersama Ulang korus 3x Bersama mesti mau
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hehe baru mengenali lagu ni.... disaat2 kerinduan nih memang terasa aaa hehehe....

technology and kids

Hmmm I came across this article and it is within the same week with this... coincident? or just the surge of everyone noticing the same thing at the same time?


MARCH 31, 2013, 11:11 AM144 Comments The Child, the Tablet and the Developing Mind By NICK BILTONFeng Li/Getty ImagesSpending time with devices instead of interacting with people may hinder communication skills, researchers say. FACEBOOKTWITTERGOOGLE+SAVEE-MAILSHAREPRINT I recently watched my sister perform an act of magic. We were sitting in a restaurant, trying to have a conversation, but her children, 4-year-old Willow and 7-year-old Luca, would not stop fighting. The arguments — over a fork, or who had more water in a glass — were unrelenting. Like a magician quieting a group of children by pulling a rabbit out of a hat, my sister reached into her purse and produced two shiny Apple iPads, handing one to each child. Suddenly, the two were quiet…

wordless wednesday #04

I just love this picture... taken last December during Erina's orientation day

Just how bad is technology for your kids?

I read about this and it have me wondering how to balance it as the summary says
"Like all things, gadgets and technology can be used to supplement a child's education or distract him. It is up to the child how he uses it, and the onus is on the parents to enforce discipline in its usage."

Just how bad is technology for your kids?1 April 2013 Today's parents find it easier to educate their children using tablet PCs and smartphones.
- Reuters photo

There was a time when parents feared their kids watched too much television. Today, the idiot box is joined by gadgets – from computers to tablet PCs, mobile phones, flip down car monitors and interactive application toys.

In an average household in the city, most kids would be exposed to at least two to three gadgets.

The technology revolution has sparked a new debate about how much exposure kids should be allowed and how technology interferes with their personal development as well as whether it has a negative…