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cameron highland ni sejuk.... ada aircond tersembunyi ke?

"Cameron Highland ni sejuk....ada aircond tersembunyi ke?" that was Aiman's question upon arriving the highland around 8am. I tried to answer by explaining at higher latitude, the climate will be much cooler but he could not grasp the concept since he already focusing on the view of the tea trees. pffttt there goes my technical explanation :p

this was last 2 weekend, not last weekend, but the weekend before, if you get what i meant... hihihi...
anyway, school holiday just started but since my hubby is going to be overwhelmed by work spending the first half of the school holiday outstation, so we decided to give the kids some excitement by having a short getaway before the school holiday plus we (the adults) badly need the fresh air to de-stress.

We started our journey around 4am Saturday morning... I just love travelling early morning, less traffic (even though I only be the co-pilot), cool climate and the kids will be sleeping. So no need to answer "Dah sampai ke?&…

Wordless wednesday #09

So, do we need to become ailurophobia in order to become world famous? Or is it ruthlessly famous? Or positively, those person who have great vision and achieve their visions?

So lets fear the cats!!!

Is paying off a property loan as quickly as possible a wise move?

Another old article from Lee Mun Wai, Financial Snacks of The Star. Now this make me thinking more on how to do a wiser move regarding property loan.... hmmmmmmmm.... Where is my thinking cap???


The Star Online > Business Monday November 19, 2012
Is paying off a property loan as quickly as possible a wise move?
Financial Snacks by Lee Mun Wai
AT first thought, it might appear prudent to pay off a property loan as quickly and as soon as possible. However, is this really the wisest and smartest financial decision? Consider using cheaper home loans to grow your net worth. - LEE MUN WAI writes...
Home loans usually have lower interest rates than vehicle loans and other unsecured credit, because the use of a home as collateral reduces the lenders risk of financial loss.
People can refinance an existing loan and extract additional funds to pay off credit cards and other debts. Refinancing …

Unlocking the keys of pronunciation

just came across this...a good point to teach my kids on the correct pronunciation


Sunday May 26, 2013 Unlocking the keys of pronunciation Exploring English
by KEITH WRIGHTBy following these simple rules, learners of the English language will understand why certain words are pronounced the way they are. OVER the past weeks, attention has been given to the factors a speaker must consider and master if he or she is to be a confident and competent communicator in English. As explained in some detail, the stress factor has to be understood, as does the importance of the syllabic break-up of words. The other area that one needs to master is the Mnemonic Keys to Understanding Pronunciation. As mentioned in previous columns, these keys or rules mostly date back over 300 years. In those days, the rules were taught to ensure that students understood “Why words are pronounced the way they are” which in tu…

arbejdsglæde : How To Be Happy At Work--Despite That Jerk Boss

Just came across this through my friend's posting in FB. Need to share this as a reminder to myself and for my teammates. Must be arbejdsglæde eventhough my big boss@guru besar is not a jerk, but there are other elements in the office that becomes jerk, so must:
1- Remember: You only have to deal with the jerk a few hours a week. The jerk has to live with himself his whole life.
2- try thinking about the twenty or so things that aregoodabout our job.

Or else need to get this book


How To Be Happy At Work--Despite That Jerk Boss

wordless wednesday #08

The girls were busy playing 'without the token'. As you can see, Zahira was very excited playing this machine. She climbed up the chair by herself and did not want to go to anywhere else. Taken last Saturday at Equatorial Hotel, Cameron Highland.

How to retire with RM1mil in 3 easy steps

After trying to find out the latest article by Lee Mun Wai, I just have to share his old article here... very interesting and he put it out so simple... but the main question, can we do it???
The Star Online > Business Monday February 18, 2013
How to retire with RM1mil in 3 easy steps

“I’m trying to build a retirement nest egg, but I really have mixed feelings about the pharaoh’s decision to raise our retirement age.” “First, get a million ringgit...” Okay, it's not that simple! You have to understand how to operate the three steps of wealth creation, writes LEE MUN WAI.
THE three steps (T.A.R.) are: how much TIME you have, the AMOUNT you save, and your RETURNS on your investment assets. The slightest change in one or two of these steps can affect your path to RM1mil.
The first step is how much TIME you have. When you think about getting your first RM1mil, what comes to mind? Sav…

Crusssshhhhhh the candy!!!

A lot of people (including friends and hubby) have started it a loooonnnggg time ago. But I only gave it a try around a month ago and now I have joined the club, those who play(addicted) to......


Somehow the term 'addicted' is a little bit scary. But yesterday hubby showed to me the life lessons of candy crush :) who says playing games is a waste of time? ;)

8 Life Lessons Taught by Candy Crush:
No 8:

No 7:
No 6:
No 5:

No 4:
No 3: 
No 2: 
No 1:

Hopefully we could incorporate those life lessons into our daily.

 So come on guys, go crush some candy :)

courtesy info from here

wordless wednesday #07

The kids 'nearly obsession' with specific cartoon programmes. The younger ones with 'Upin dan Ipin'. While the elder are enamored with 'Masked Rider'.

Tips membina keluarga bahagia

Semalam kat opis, buat julung2 kalinya, ada ceramah agama oleh pasangan penceramah yg famous tu... Ustazah Dato' Siti Nor Bahyah dan suaminya Ustaz Wan Akashah.
Topik yang dibincangkan adalah tips2 untuk membina keluarga bahagia. Berikut adalah sedikit nota yang sempat dicatatkan untul ingatan sendiri di masa hadapan.

Didalam kehidupan terdapat 4 aspek yang perlu dijaga secara samarata bagi memastikan kehidupan yang sempurna, iaitu:
- fizikal
- rohani
- emosi
- intelek

7 tips keluarga bahagia

1- iman n takwa kpd allah (rohani)

* menggembirakan org lain

2- kasih sayang (emosi)
* nama panggilan manja
* hadiah
* sentuhan
* masa bersama
* sedia berkhidmat

3- pergaulan yang baik
* 5 s - senyum, salam, bg salam, sapaan, sopan
* sunnah nabi: suami membantu isteri di rumah
* control marah - jika berdiri duduk

4- anak amanah allah...jaga anak2 elok

5- rezeki yg halal
* solat 5 waktu
* zakat
* petua: lambai tangan sewaktu suami gi keje, kajian kata prestasi kerja meningkat 70%

6- doa untuk kel…

nyum nyum nyum

sempena PRU13 pada 5/5/2013, saya telah mengambil cuti pada hari berikutnya 6/5/2013.....maka............... telah berkesempatan untuk menonton 5 Rencah 5 Rasa kat TV3 pada jam 11.30 pagi...

Saya memang suka dgn chef Sherson Liam tu.... Dulu2 masa mula2 tengok dia, ingatkan orang Melayu, tidak rupanya... suka tengok cara dia  masak sbb semua nampak simple. Pada hari Isnin lepas, dia cuma buat 4 menu berdasarkan telur, tauhu telur, tuna dan pisang. 4 menu itu:
1- Telur inti ayam

2- Sizzling tauhu
3- Sandwic telur & tauhu
4- Banana milkshake

Lepas tu, anak2 semua excited suh try pada hari yang sama gak.... terpaksalah gi cari2 bahan2 yang diperlukan....

So inilah hasilnya...

Disini, saya letakkan resepi supaya saya tak lupa di kemudian hari...

Roti (Chef guna softroll bun, tapi saya tak jumpa so guna je lah bun  biasa)
Tuna spread
Telur rebus
Sos Cili
Tomato (dihiris)
Sliced Cheddar

1- Tuna dicampur dengan sedikit mayo dan sos cili. Gaul rata.
2- Telur …

Doa sewaktu hujan

Sekarang ni kan selalu hujan waktu petang... dah lama tau waktu hujan mula2 turun adalah waktu yg baik utk berdoa... so selalu tercari2 doa nya

so inilah doanya courtesy from here

Hon hon hon hon pin pin pin pin pin

Last night from 8pm to almost 11pm, it was an almost non-stop honking plus jeritan2 manusia. At first, i thought it is coz by the trafiic jam. The traffic seems unmoving at that time at LDP highway near KJ. But the noise was persistent more than an hour.

Then only i realized there was some perhimpunan organized by i-really-dont-care-who for whatever reason at Stadium KJ. And according to the self-proclaimed-journalists (some of my fb friends), there was a very very huge crowd at the stadium.

But then it made me wonder several things.

1- how does that huge of crowd can populate that small stadium?
 From the pics in fb,  it easily seems like 100,000 people. But Stadium KJ is much smaller than stadium shah alam ( which i believe have around 80k seating capacity thus 100k people assemble there is not a big feat for stadium shah alam ). But still if only around 50k people coming to Stadium KJ.....

2- how do they get there?
Carparks in Stadium KJ is very limited. 100 maybe. 200++ max (i th…