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si betul dan si terbalik (The right one and the reverse one)

We were walking through a lot of small kiosks selling something and everything; books, accessories, jewelleries, toys etc.

Then suddenly Miss E asked me
Miss E: Ibu, apa benda si betul dan si terbalik tu? (What is the right one and the reverse one)
Me: (speechless for  a while and trying very hard to imagine what she just saw that trigger that question)...

Do you want to know what it is???






Yeah... what my Miss E meant was ' C betul dan C terbalik' (the correct C and reverse C) palm face....

School holiday mode is on!!!

The school's year end holiday has started..... yeay for the kids.... more time for them to play around.... yeay for the parents.... no more ironing school's uniform hahaha....

Anyway, Disney Channel (Astro channel 615) has a very unique and interesting way celebrating this year's holiday season. They are holding Fa-la-la-lidays Giveaway from now until 14th December. If your kids still singing "Let It Go" everyday, this giveaway should be very easy as the questions are all Frozen themed. You just have to tune-in and watch all the great shows on Disney Channel, and the questions will be popped out at random time. Some samples of the questions, counting the number of Olaf, counting number of snowflakes, etc.

There are daily winners who will get a very special Frozen gift pack. Then every week, the weekly winner will get to win trip for 4 people to Hong Kong Disneyland to meet Princess Elsa and Princess Anna in person!!! A cool prize for those hard-core fan of Frozen…

Sorry my little man

Dear my Mr. A,

I am sorry I could not attend your prize giving ceremony at your school today. I already have earlier commitments that I could not reschedule at last minutes. This is a life lesson for your, we must fulfill whatever we promise.
Last week during the parents open day at your school, your ustaz did not manage to inform us that you do get some awards. The school only inform us on last Monday. Thats another reason I could not do the necessary adjustments due to the short notice.
This really came as a surprise to us as your standing in class is number 24 out of 42. Your overall percentage is also only good 86++%. Your sister, Miss E, also get number 24 but with lower overall percentage at 81%.
So when you brought the notification letter, we were surprised and pleased. We know Sirah (Islamic history) is your passion and thats why you can excel on that. While the award of 'kehadiran cemerlang' is more as recognition of your discipline. Perhaps I can compensate my abse…

my little man's little havoc

A few weekends back (yeah... this is backdated story), we get some vaccination for the whole family. And we get additional vaccination (influenza) for the kids.

Miss Z was very good as she still small so she gets the injection at her butt instead of her arm. But not a single sound from her. Very good.

Miss E also was behaving , she was stressed out and I need to hold her tight, but when the doctor asked her to relax, she was able to relax herself so both injections done without any sound from her. Good enough for me.

But boy oh boy.... my little man, Mr A, created  a havoc. He was stressed out and he claimed he feel pain for the first injection. So he was complaining, complaining, complaining and on the verge to cry.... I tried to console him by hold him tight, then suddenly ....

Mr A: Aiman rasa nak gi toilet ( I feel like I want to go to toilet)
Me: Okey (while loosening my hold on him)
Mr A: Tapi kalau Aiman terus lari macam mana? ( But then what if I run away?)

I have to hold my l…

Love our home

Home is where our heart is J that’s show how precious is our home. Of course, home is where our loved ones and our loved things reside. All of these need protection all the time, but we are not going to be IN the house for 24 hours every 365 days in a year. Sometimes, we need to leave our home unattended. But if you are not at home most of the time, probably it is the high time you move to a hotel room  ;p

Thus, let me share with you 5 possible ways for you to protect your home while y

Dugrostar is coming to the end :(

Please do not miss out the opportunity to join the crowd to cheer for the next Dugrostar at the below venues
Venue Date One Borneo, Sabah 8-9 November 2014 Mahkota Parade, Malacca 7-9 November 2014 KSL Mall, Johor Bahru 7-9 November 2014 Queensbay Mall, Penang 13-16 November 2014
At the Klang Valley finale held in Sunway Pyramid last weekend, 40 kids were crowned stars for their enthusiasm, energy and sheer talent displayed during their performance, which stole the hearts of the crowd as well as the judges. The top three prize winners walk away with RM5,000 , RM3,000 and RM1,000 cash prizes plus trophies, respectively, while the other finalists receive consolation prizes. The winners for the Klang Valley are here
DugrostarTM , the first performing arts platform organized by Dugro®, is hosting a series of final live performances that showcase the exceptional talents of children across Malaysia.

srrroottt...cough... cough...srrrooott.... aaachhhooommm!!!!

Yeah it is flu and cough season... my girls and myself included...

So it becomes of my daily routine to clean my Miss Z's nose from all the boogies and those-cant-be-mentioned... I have to force her to lay still while I poked around her nose... then.....

Miss Z: apa ibu buat ni ? (what are you doing)
Me: bersihkan hidung adik lah (clean up your nose)
then I gave the last wipe and said ok, she tried to breathe normally a few times

Miss Z: okey... dah takde belon (okay no more balloon)
Me: belon kat mana ? (where is the balloon?)
Miss Z: kat hidung adik lah (at my nose)
Me: (palmface)