my little man's little havoc

A few weekends back (yeah... this is backdated story), we get some vaccination for the whole family. And we get additional vaccination (influenza) for the kids.

Miss Z was very good as she still small so she gets the injection at her butt instead of her arm. But not a single sound from her. Very good.

Miss E also was behaving , she was stressed out and I need to hold her tight, but when the doctor asked her to relax, she was able to relax herself so both injections done without any sound from her. Good enough for me.

But boy oh boy.... my little man, Mr A, created  a havoc. He was stressed out and he claimed he feel pain for the first injection. So he was complaining, complaining, complaining and on the verge to cry.... I tried to console him by hold him tight, then suddenly ....

Mr A: Aiman rasa nak gi toilet ( I feel like I want to go to toilet)
Me: Okey (while loosening my hold on him)
Mr A: Tapi kalau Aiman terus lari macam mana? ( But then what if I run away?)

I have to hold my laugh while continue coaxing him for the second injection. We got it done but after almost 30 minutes debating with him on why he needs to get those vaccine. (palm face)

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