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The story of the 3 Questions (Interesting)

The story of the 3 Questions (Interesting)
Source : / 2 Mar 2013

There was once a man who was an enemy to Islam. He had three famous questions that no person could answer. No Islamic scholar in Baghdad could answer his three questions...thus he made fun of Islam in public. He constantly ridiculed Islam and the Muslims. One day a small boy, who's age was 10, came along and heard the man yelling and screaming at Muslims in the street. He was challenging people openly to answer the three questions.

The boy stood quietly and watched. He then decided that he would challenge the man. He walked up and told the man, "I will accept your challenge".

The man laughed at the boy and ridiculed the Muslims even more by saying, "A ten year old boy challenges me. Is this all you people have to offer!"

But the boy patiently reiterated his stance. He would challenge the man, and with Allah's help and guidance, he would put this to an end. The man finally accepte…

10 Skills your child needs to learn

hmmm... i read this and wondering how many skills that my kids have nowadays? and how am i going to improve their skills???


10 Skills your child needs to learn27 March 2013School children learning breathing techniques during a swimming lesson.

Being 10 years old is a big thing. It is often described as a rite of passage from early childhood to the tween years. Amidst the huge focus on academic achievements, there’s a different set of skills you may want to equip your kids with before he or she turns 10. These skills may be simple but necessary:

1) Packing bags
Before your child enters primary school, he should already know how to pack his schoolbag and not rely on you to do it for him. Help him by buy a bag with compartments to organise items. For a start, it is good to have a packing list or a timetable for your child to refer to. Teach him to pla…

wordless wednesday #03

Last Sunday, we came across of Malaysian Invasion at Paradigm Mall, a fighting tournament. A new experience for the kids watching the fighting live

my unnecessary stress

When Aiman was enrolled in Standard One last year, I keep reminding myself not to stress him out for excellent result. Life is not about examination results. Luckily (or in some ways unfortunately), Aiman is at the second batch (or is it the first batch??)  of KSSR (Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah). Simply said, it is a new curriculum by Malaysia's Ministry of Education that emphasize the student's progress throughout the year instead of final examination. More tests throughout the year but no final exam at the end of the year. So automatically I did not fret about him not getting excellent result in primary school. But sekolah agama still with the conventional system, have examinations (mid-year and final year) so somehow I do expect him to improve his achievement by the end of the year.

But this year, Erina is enrolled in Standard One, with two kids in school automatically the comparison begins.  They had their mid-semester exam for Sekolah agama 2 weeks ago. I have tried …

Doa-doa untuk memusnahkan sel-sel kanser

Terjumpa ini di FB dan blog ini yang lain. Tak salah rasanya untuk mencuba. Benda baik kenalah share2 selalu :) You can find the translation here

Lapan surah ini diamalkan dan dibaca untuk memusnahkan sel-sel barah kanser. Jika pesakit dapat membacanya lagi baik. Jika tak terdaya atau kurang baik bacaannya maka boleh minta suami, ayah, ibu atau orang lain membaca untuknya.

Selok-eloknya sebelum memulakan bacaan surah dibawah :

1. Istighfar 10x.
2. Salawat Nabi 10x.
3. Al-Fatihah 1x.

Sediakan sebotol secukupnya air yang bersih lagi suci dan setiap kali habis surah dibaca, ditiupkan kepada air. Pesakit dinasihat minum air bacaan tiap-tiap hari dan sapu/mandi pada anggota yang kena barah kanser. InsyaAllah kerana sakit dan sembuh semua kekuasaanNya.

1. Surah Al Maidah (Ayat 82-91). 

2. Surah Al Araf (Ayat 70-81). 

3. Surah Ar Ra'd (Ayat 16-28). 

4. Surah Al Anbiyaa' (Ayat 38-50).

5. Surah Asy Syu'ara (Ayat 185-227). 

6. Surah Az Zummar (Ayat 42-52). 

7. Surah Ghafir (Ayat 67-77). 

8. Surah…

Wordless wednesday #02


Descriptive vs accurracy vs simplicity

My primary language is Bahasa Malaysia but most of the time, I think in English. Thus why I like to write in English. Once in a while, when I got very angry, I could rattle in English non-stop. hehe... and recently I got to know that I am not the only one who blurts out in English while angry ;)

It is not that I belittle Bahasa Malaysia but sometimes I could not find the right word or term to express myself. Sometimes I feel Bahasa Malaysia is too simple. Yes... I know, simple is easy. But with simplicity we might be losing the accuracy. In some situations the difference could be grave.

The simplest example that i can think of at the moment is BESAR (in Bahasa Malaysia which literally means big in English . However in English here are a lot of words to describe the degree of BIG, such as large, huge, gigantic.

I know i am not a linguistic expert, but i did observed my surroundings. The other day i noticed a calendar produced by a big o&g international company.
 As per the picture,…

Change for Better Convenience

This is not a political post, not even a pre-PRU13 (pilihanraya umum ke-13 / Malaysia's nationwide poll) pos.

This is an information cheat sheet for you to change your kids diapers from the so-normal diaper to the ultra chic diaper, the Huggies Dry Pants.

Why I called it ultra chic diapers? Because it can be done in 3 simple steps (please read that and the below with the background music of  Special Agent Oso 3 simple steps)

Oh by the way you have to change the lyrics to :

Three special steps, that’s all you need.  Three special steps, and you’ll succeed.  Your special assignment is starting now,  and three special steps will show you how.  Step 1..  Koyak Step 2...  Salin Step 3... Lepas Three special steps, so now you know.  Three special steps and you’re ready to go!  The checklist has all the steps you need.  Just follow them all and you will succeed with three special steps! Note: Koyak = Tear it, Salin = Change , Lepas = Let go

Isn't that super easy that makes it chic?? It is right?…

Wedding quotes

I was looking for gift wrapping paper when i came across this intriguing design, it is full of quotes. Of course I took it and transform it to this....

The quotes are beautiful and meaningful. Even after years of  marriage,  these quotes could remind us that marriage is a journey. Thus I think I should write it here for later perusal and sharing.

"May you love each other to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach" - anon

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person" - Mignon McLaughlin

"A successful marriage is an edifice that must be rebuilt every day" - Andre Maurois

"There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved" - George Sand

"Love is like a mountain, hard to climb, but once you get to the top the view is beautiful" - Daniel Monroe Tuttle

"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world" - Bill Wilson

"Love one another and yo…