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That's how Miss Z pronouncing 'bulatan' (circle).

It is her newest obsession
Lukis apa2 pun she said it is bulatan

She even attempted to give us a teka-teki

"ada bulatan pecah pecah... bukan meja bukan kerusi ... dia kipas... so apa dia?"

hahahah okeylah kan 4 years-old nya teka-teki dah bagi jawapan terus :)

Public Holiday in Midweek

Yesterday was Awal Muharram or Maal Hijrah... basically it is New Year in Islamic calendar

So how do we spent it?

We put up a schedule for Mr A and Miss E to do their revision. They will be having year-end exam next week.

Then during the break, as usual Miss E and Miss Z were busy playing "mak2"(role-playing). Miss E becomes 'mama' and Miss Z playing as her daughter. Suddenly one of their conversation caught up my attention

Miss Z: (scenario: she just arrived home)Mama.... tadi kan ada budak lelaki hensem
Miss E is speechless and trying very hard to contain her laugh

So I called Miss Z
Me: Adik.... apa adik cakap tadi?
Miss Z: Tadi ada budak lelaki hensem
Me: okey..... so lepas tu?
Miss Z: Dia pun love

By now I already LOL with Miss E

Oh man.... how come my 4 years-old girl already know the connection between budak lelaki hensem and love


missing this

Oh how I really missed those bright blue sky with those fluffy white cloud. When we will try to guess what shape the cloud is. is it an elephan or dog or cat or love you or whatever
isn't it great to be able to lay down on a green green grass guessing the clouds while getting the sun ray

My trick for Miss E

My Miss E is not a big fan of veggies. As much as possible, she will try ways to not eat the veggies. So what I did was.... 
incorporate all the possible veggies in jemput2/cekodok/fritters :D She will eat all of it without any complaints

Here I put carrots, tomatoes, french beans, celery. Not in the picture is the 'daun sup' hahaha meriah sungguh cekodok ini :)