Public Holiday in Midweek

Yesterday was Awal Muharram or Maal Hijrah... basically it is New Year in Islamic calendar

So how do we spent it?

We put up a schedule for Mr A and Miss E to do their revision. They will be having year-end exam next week.

Then during the break, as usual Miss E and Miss Z were busy playing "mak2"(role-playing). Miss E becomes 'mama' and Miss Z playing as her daughter. Suddenly one of their conversation caught up my attention

Miss Z: (scenario: she just arrived home)Mama.... tadi kan ada budak lelaki hensem
Miss E is speechless and trying very hard to contain her laugh

So I called Miss Z
Me: Adik.... apa adik cakap tadi?
Miss Z: Tadi ada budak lelaki hensem
Me: okey..... so lepas tu?
Miss Z: Dia pun love

By now I already LOL with Miss E

Oh man.... how come my 4 years-old girl already know the connection between budak lelaki hensem and love



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