Change for Better Convenience

This is not a political post, not even a pre-PRU13 (pilihanraya umum ke-13 / Malaysia's nationwide poll) pos.

This is an information cheat sheet for you to change your kids diapers from the so-normal diaper to the ultra chic diaper, the Huggies Dry Pants.

Why I called it ultra chic diapers? Because it can be done in 3 simple steps (please read that and the below with the background music of  Special Agent Oso 3 simple steps)

Oh by the way you have to change the lyrics to :

Three special steps, that’s all you need. 
Three special steps, and you’ll succeed. 
Your special assignment is starting now, 
and three special steps will show you how. 
Step 1..  Koyak
Step 2...  Salin
Step 3... Lepas
Three special steps, so now you know. 
Three special steps and you’re ready to go! 
The checklist has all the steps you need. 
Just follow them all and you will succeed with three special steps!
       Note: Koyak = Tear it, Salin = Change , Lepas = Let go

Isn't that super easy that makes it chic?? It is right??!!

And now with Huggies Dry Pants, I am confident to let my 7-year old daughter to change her little sister's diapers. Even for si Dobot (if you remember him from my earlier post), diaper changing should be much easier and convenience by holding him this way and use Huggies Dry Pants
Yeah... hold not let Dobot moves!!!

So for mommies out there, why don't you get a sample of Huggies Dry Pants to experience the simplicity of changing diapers??? You can get it free here. You can also click here (Facebook fan) to be a fan to Huggies Malaysia so you can get all the latest exciting news from them.

Oh by the way, do you know that Huggies Dry Pants comes with its soft stretch sides to provide better comfort and help prevent red marks even when your baby is on the move and a wuick lock system to help stop leaks. Huggies is also Malaysia's first brand of disposal diapers which is clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash!

So, what are you still waiting for?? Go get the free sample and experience by yourself this ultra chic diapers. :) 3 simple steps :)

See how confident Zahira walking through rocky terrain with the ultra chic Huggies Dry Pants :)


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