cameron highland ni sejuk.... ada aircond tersembunyi ke?

"Cameron Highland ni sejuk....ada aircond tersembunyi ke?" that was Aiman's question upon arriving the highland around 8am. I tried to answer by explaining at higher latitude, the climate will be much cooler but he could not grasp the concept since he already focusing on the view of the tea trees. pffttt there goes my technical explanation :p

this was last 2 weekend, not last weekend, but the weekend before, if you get what i meant... hihihi...
anyway, school holiday just started but since my hubby is going to be overwhelmed by work spending the first half of the school holiday outstation, so we decided to give the kids some excitement by having a short getaway before the school holiday plus we (the adults) badly need the fresh air to de-stress.

We started our journey around 4am Saturday morning... I just love travelling early morning, less traffic (even though I only be the co-pilot), cool climate and the kids will be sleeping. So no need to answer "Dah sampai ke?" for every half an  hour. hahaha....Plus the task of waking up the kids were easier since the three of them are already excited to go for long journey even though at that time they do not know the destination yet.

Only after we take the exit to Simpang Pulai and they saw the Cameron Highlands signboard that they know our destination.
Simpang Pulai Exit
The road from Simpang Pulai is breathtaking and less traffic. We only encounter 1 bus and 1 lorry (if I am not mistaken) throughout the not-so-winding road. But sorry no picture taken, we were too busy enjoying the scenery of sun rise and the fresh air from the mountains. It is really fresh air up until Kampung Raja, then only the smell of fertilizer is around. Very stinky, overload of chicken poops. hehehe

Anyway, we arrived at our first must-singgah spot, Sg. Palas Boh Tea Plantation Centre, for our breakfast around 8.30am. After spending almost half an hour enjoying the scenery of the tea trees, we proceed to its cafe to have our breakfast.

One of our favorite place for breakfast

Aiman is already starving and complaining that Ibu is taking too many food pictures hehehe 
Aiman chose nasi lemak while Erina having a slice of strawberry cake because she wanted the strawberry slices on that cake only pfffttt.... We opted for Sg Palas Tea, again no picture due to I do not want my hot tea became cold. It can be really cold in less than 5 minutes after pour it out aishhhh...

Then we continue our journey strolling around Brinchang town, having lunch at Brinchang food court. It was so-so. Then while waiting for our check-in at Equatorial, we continue our strolling at Kea Farm. Creating a mental list what vegetables need to be bought on Sunday while Aiman was complaining need to stay in hotel instead of walking around.

Zahira and Erina enjoying the machine game while hubby doing the check-in

Our 'welcome drinks' - fruit punch
 After resting in the hotel room for the evening, we decided to go early for dinner at Brinchang town. The 3km journey that should have taken around 15 minutes was extended to almost 3 hours!!! A massive traffic jam due to the 'pasar malam' at Brinchang town, worsened by the attitude of the people who could not keep queueing properly. Rasa berbakul menyumpah orang yang memotong queue. Fortunately hubby is a very patient man :) That was non-school holiday. I could not imagine what the situation would be if it is during school holiday. Good luck to those who come during school holidays ;) Anyway, if you intend to go to Brinchang's pasar malam, better have accomodation at Brinchang and just walk to the pasar malam. During the dinner, Aiman got sick and we have to cut short our dinner.

Sunday, we started with the scrumptious breakfast buffet at the hotel. Quite okay but very not worth for my kids because they ate very little. And again, no pictures, due to kelaparan dan kesejukan. Then we went grocery shopping at Kea Farm, bought 16 packages of veggies at RM20 (plus a big cabbage as freebie, thats the beauty of shopping waktu baru buka kedai), bottles of honey, 2 stacks of corn and the must buy item at Cameron Highlands (various flavoured tea and strawberries). After that went back to hotel and start packing to check out.

On the way back, Aiman was still sick and Zahira got fever. Maybe due to too much excitement or too much cold? Or perhaps I need another short getaway since it is very tiring?? hehehe

Anyway, you may find more interesting places at Cameron Highlands here


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