Crusssshhhhhh the candy!!!

A lot of people (including friends and hubby) have started it a loooonnnggg time ago. But I only gave it a try around a month ago and now I have joined the club, those who play(addicted) to......


Somehow the term 'addicted' is a little bit scary. But yesterday hubby showed to me the life lessons of candy crush :) who says playing games is a waste of time? ;)

8 Life Lessons Taught by Candy Crush:

No 8:

  • Life is not always fair. Sometimes you get lucky with a good board, sometimes you don't. Deal with it.

No 7:
Persistence is the key to success. If you persist long enough, one of these days you are bound to get it right somehow. Or get lucky. Or both.
No 6:
Ask friends for help when you need it. You'll be surprised at how many are able and willing.
No 5:
Help friends as much as you can. Life is all about give and take after all.

No 4:
There will not always be friends who can help you out. It happens. Suck it up and wait.
No 3: 
You won't always understand what's going on. That's fine, you're not expected to.
No 2: 
Chocolate is evil. It will mess things up.
No 1:
Life is equal parts fun and frustrating. It is full of challenges every step of the way, yet it can also be sweet and colorful!

Hopefully we could incorporate those life lessons into our daily.

 So come on guys, go crush some candy :)

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