15th October.... Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

Just got to know about this today when I read blogpost by Raja Nadia (the founder of Aere... you know those baju yg cantik2 and menutup aurat but slightly high end for me). You can read it here

only people who have gone through this will know and fully understand the impact of feeling the loss

the mothers will feel more as during the loss the hormones are unstable (it is the same during the normal delivery) and the loss is hurting emotionally. without enough support the hurt feeling may lead to depression. it is a very vulnerable state for the mothers. even with enough support from spouse, family and friends, the emotional scar will still be there.

but through the loss I learnt to appreciate more of my loved ones. my husband, my parents, my kids, my family. our time with them is short on this world, but hopefully we will be together again (and forever) in heaven, insyaallah.

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